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10 Golden Tips to Make Your Kitchen Bigger

There is at least a single room in the house which is too cranky and problematic to decorate. This is the kitchen. A dream kitchen is anything but tiny, although this is a reality for many. The room looks like a cramped up triangle, with scanty counter space and precious little room for storing appliances. Even if you are not prepared to haul that wall, try the next best thing: you can create an impression of a larger space with the help of some strategic decorating tricks. Recessed lighting, light shades and the choice of light colors – here are 10 golden tips to make your kitchen bigger:

1. Paint the Kitchen White: If it is a small kitchen, white is your best friend. It not only reflects light, enhancing the sense of space, but also makes the wall appear receding. With the white coloring everything from the countertops to the cabinetry, ceiling and walls, an appearance of seamless space is created without borders or edges to prevent the eye. You may use various shades of white in combination with complementing textures to prevent the white room from appearing sterile. Crown molding and recessed panel cabinets help create delicate shadows, thus generating the viewers’ interest.

2. Low-Contrast Color Combination: The color scheme to be used for giving the notion of space to your kitchen is one with a reduced contrast. With nominal distinction among the countertops, walls, woodwork and cabinetry, the eyes glide over surfaces in search of a place to rest. The movement gives the appearance of larger space. Coloring the backsplash, flooring and cabinets in soft tones of gray green prevents your view from making sudden transitions from light to dark, hence creating an extensive and calm effect.

3. Create your Cabinet Doors in Glass: You can trick the brain into thinking that the available space is larger. One of the ways of doing that is by eliminating a few cabinet doors or replacing their solid fronts with glass. It draws the eye beyond the cabinet frames into cabinet depths to make the walls appear recessed. The trick works even more when the cabinets are neatly arranged and color coordinated. If there is clutter, the room appears crowded.

4. Use of Pictures: Restrict the total number of small appliances and clutter on your wall hangings and countertops. If you must use pictures, use a large single print rather than numerous smaller ones.

5. Cabinet Soffits: If there are no soffits over the cabinets, the kitchen appears larger, but you must beware of stuffing the cabinet tops with embellishments and accessories.

6. Slim Furnishings: If the size of the kitchen is small, it requires small-scale fixtures. Lightweight bar stools and ergonomic work islands do not distract the eye.

7. Reorganize Storage: It is a great idea to restructure countertops as storage spaces. Use a corner appliance garage or use the cabinet to conceal toasters and coffeemakers.

8. Expand Floor Space: Patterned floor and wall coverings might impede space, but structures like oversized diamonds painted on the floor can produce the illusion of space. The eye travels an elongated path, making the room appear wider than what it actually is. Low contrasts also enhance the appearance of space.

9. Widened Stripes: Horizontal stripes in light and medium stretch the floor space. Vinyl and wooden flooring can also be used.

10. Divert the View Upwards: If the eye gets a chance to view up and down, the apparent height is increased. This lifts the attention off the boxed room. Include objects which blend well with the background, rather than standing out.

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