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10 Things I’ve Learned Using Social Media

Virtually all entrepreneurs and companies have they own social media profiles. Marketing opportunities in this field are numerous and vast. But only a tiny portion manages to create successful profiles and marketing strategies which attract potential clients and customers. Based on my experience, here are the ten things I’ve learned from using social media to improve business.

1. Don’t expect results immediately

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it’s perfectly applicable for your social media reputation. Only after weeks, if not months of quality work will your accounts have a decent number of followers and the ability to reach big numbers of people.

2. Consistency is paramount

Posting on a regular basis speaks volumes about your seriousness, commitment and dedication to your business. Your customers and followers will see that you’re always available for their inquiries, that all the necessary information will be shared on your social media profiles and that your profile is a legitimate way to contact you.

3. Feedback information

The biggest advantage of every social media is the fast, simple and casual two-way communication between you and your clients. People will more often ask questions on your Facebook page then send you an e-mail. Make sure to response regularly and appropriately. It’s also a great way of finding out how they like your business, what suggestions to improve it they might have or even meet fellow entrepreneurs.

4. Having a smart posting policy is a necessity

If all you do is post dull information about your company or business it’s likely that people will find your page/profile a bit dry and stop following you. So, develop some kind of a strategy – post some interesting and funny content which is not necessarily related to your business every now and then. This will make you seem human and approachable, which is always great. Your posts will probably get better feedback if you post them on weekends, when most people are on the Internet.

5. Special offers

Make your followers feel exclusive by setting up special discounts and offers for people who follow you on twitter or share your post on their Facebook. You can even give out some free items, depending on the nature of your business. This will not only make your followers feel special but will attract others to like your FB page or follow you at Twitter.

6. Don’t forget the holidays

Holiday season is important since it increases people’s spending in virtually all fields so make sure you have some special holiday items, prices and offers.

7. Respect

Be respectful towards people who post on your page or comment on your activities. Don’t delete negative comments, unless they’re vulgar, rude or offensive. Reply with constructive honesty as this will show you are willing to improve and change your ways and acknowledge other peoples’ remarks and suggestions.

8. Connections

Keeping your various social media profiles connected to each other – and to your web site- is a great way to increase your profiles’ popularity and direct people to your website where they’ll be able to find all the information about your products and/or services.

9. Determine your goals and be willing to invest

Set up a few short term and long term goals and aim to achieve them. Determine your wanted demographic and produce content which is potentially interesting for your desired groups. Investing some money into Facebook marketing, for example, will help your page gain popularity as it will appear on people’s newsfeeds and will cost you a relativley small amount of money.

10. Be willing to learn and adapt

Social media is always changing and evolving. Some trends come, others go, but it’s important to keep up as your clients will always notice if your page is obsolete. Willingness to learn and to adapt new marketing methods are the best ways of achieving success in the world of social media marketing.

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