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12 Points On Saving Money With Kids

Raising kids costs money. Sometimes it becomes a wail-inducing sum. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a family or are in the midst of one, these pointers will be helpful to save money with kids.

Childcare Vouchers

Dishing out money for childcare becomes easier by using special childcare vouchers in terms of annual tax savings. You can save more than a thousand dollars a year.

Save on family fuel bills by switching 

Fuel Bills can be astronomical if kids’ baths, gaming consoles, televisions and lights are left on. Big savings are also possible by changing gas and electricity providers and gaining by cash back. Use a comparison site to gauge which provider has the best deal.


A Proper family budget is a must. Use a BUDGET PLANNER tool to figure out where your cash is flowing. “What can I afford?” is a logical introspection than “What’s the cheapest alternative?” Prioritize where your money should and shouldn’t go!

Avail of free sports schemes during school holidays

Free sports activities like football and tennis coaching are perfect between terms to keep kids busy and healthy.

Use online outlets to grab kids toys and clothing

Kids toys online in India are great to find toys and clothing for less. You can hunt down big brands at some great bargains. Also, online toy shops are both easier and better for proper understanding of a toy as children seem to outgrow a toy as soon as it’s bought from a toy shop. It’s best to do your research and purchase the toy online.

Open a kids bank account

It’s sensible to have a kids’ account to save more and benefit from the tax free earnings on kids’ savings. Real banks have replaced piggy banks!

Downshift your grocery shop

TV ads sometimes fool us to buy expensive versions of the same product. The challenge is essentially to shift to a brand one level lower. You can always go up again if you are not satisfied but stick with the cheaper option to save more if it fits the bill.

Drop a brand level on everything you buy and you’ll usually cut the bill by 30%.   

The best things in life are Freebies

From nappies to toys to tea bags, there’s nothing like a freebie. Online contests, clearance sales and giveaway sites are recommended.

Pay off debts to save more

Clearing off accumulating debts improves the health of your finances to save more in the future. Having both debts and savings means that you are overspending as debts cost more than what savings earn.

Haggle before travel!Discover

 Haggling is a must when it comes to package holidays. Cheap flights and Cheap Hotel Guides are recommended.As a rough rule of thumb, packages are usually cheapest for seven, 10 or 14 days away in a traditional holiday destination.

Discover the library

 The library cuts costs irrespective if the child is a reader or not. Other than books, music and movies are also available in public libraries, which also offer internet and other free activities.

Use a pay as you go mobile OR a child friendly service

See what is cost effective- adding your child to your mobile phone plan or using a child friendly service when your child is old enough for a mobile phone.



About the Author:

Charu Swaroop manages content for Yellow Giraffe- an online toy store in India. When time permits, Charu loves dreaming up and trying new dishes. She has been promising herself to get over her sweet tooth (since 2003), and to trek in Nepal (since 2009).

This post was co-authored by our friend Swayam Ganguly. Swayam Ganguly’s novel titled “Love Films and Rock n Roll” (Alchemy Publishers) has been released recently. His next upcoming novel “Good, Bad and Ugly” (Supernova Publishers) is slated for release soon.

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