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20 Smart Rule That Every Modern Parent Should Follow Before Naming Your Child

Top 20 Naming Rules That Every Modern Parent Must Follow When Expecting To Name Their Kids Naming your child seems like fun at first. In fact, most women dream about it when they are young girls. Then they realize how serious it is upon getting their first child.

Whereas it’s a matter of taste, there are real consequences for children with bad names, and they might even hate you for giving them such names. As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that bad names can actually lower a person’s self esteem and even make them lonelier in life. That said, if you are a parent wondering how to name her child, then this article is just for you. Here we go:

Don’t name them after food
When Diana Gonzalez and J.R Martinez were expecting their first kid, they confessed to ”people magazine” that they had not yet settled for a particular name, but they had definitely ruled out two choices; ”Apple Cider and Salami”. These people are smart indeed, and every woman should be smart too, just like them. Don’t name your child after any edible thing, it’s not fair.

Avoid Stripper names
This is no offense to the Strippers, but don’t make your daughter look like she’s destined towards the pole.

Don’t name your child after names that people hate
Names change every year, but Neveah or Jayden, otherwise known as (heaven spelled backwards) are just too awkward for your little baby. In fact, these names made it to the list of most hated names this year. You don’t want your child to appear on that list.

Think of their future email address
You may not give it a second thought. Names such as Peter Enis sound nice, until one day, when their company supervisor assigns them their work email address that goes like this;

Avoid names with 7000 spellings
Avoid something like this; Catelyn, Caitlin, Katlyne, or Catelyn. It’s too confusing for people. It will confuse you as well.

Don’t get all creative
Crystalina, Jolissa, Stephania or anything you just created out of thin air should be well avoided. Just keep it simple and straight to the point.

Pay attention to their initials
She’ll be teased for JAN (Julie Ann Ryan). That’s not so bad. On the other had, Ashley’s Suzanne Smith might sound different.

Don’t forget monograms
Speaking of monograms, the first letter of the last name goes into the middle of monograms. For example, Peter Grant Immerson… think about displaying that on your sweater while walking around.

Don’t find your inspiration from random things
Think about the couple who named their baby after the facebook ”like” button. Avoid that please.

Don’t get too funny
It’s not a joke naming your kid a funny name. Harry Pitts may sound funny. However, that may not be the case for your child. So it’s time you be sensitive.

Avoid too high expectations
Harvard, Einstein or Yale are very good names. But such names bring with them too high expectations and your child might find it too difficult to live up to them.

Avoid offensive names
If you’re wondering, then a good example would be Adolf Hitler–very offensive.

Don’t get crazy with sports names
For example, during world cup, Fifa was used. We’ve also heard of ESPN Montanna as well as Crimson Tide Redd. Tame the fanatic sports fan in you.

Shun names that a country is likely to ban
In as much as there’s freedom of naming in most countries, names such as 89, Messiah or Mister are a sure indicator that you might want to ban them too.

Don’t give them evil names
Lucifer is too nasty for your little one, so avoid it.

Don’t name them after pets
Very soon, someone will tell you that your kid’s name reminds them of their pet. It is at this point that you’ll feel offended, so save yourself from that stress.

Avoid Adjectives
Trendy names sound nice, but adjectives are a big NO! Avoid adjectives such as Splendid, Heavenly etc.

Don’t give male children a girl’s name
The fact that you loved her name and you were not too fortunate enough to give birth to a boy doesn’t mean that you name him after her. If he’s a boy, refrain from names such as Sue, Marion or Leslie.

Don’t listen to people
The truth is, people will always have different opinions on the names you pick. If you have enough reasons to believe that the name you’ve chosen is ideal, then go ahead and name your young one.

Think about their career
The name on his/her resume makes a difference. Names such as ”Congratulashayla”, ”Ish” or ”Pomwadee” will make that potential employer say, ”Don’t ever call us”.

With these guidelines, your search for ”20 smart rules that every modern parent should follow before naming your child” should come to an end.

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