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3 Improvements That Will Transform Your Family Room

How do you prioritize home improvement? After all, if you’re part of the middle class chances are you have the funds for only one improvement at a time. When that money becomes available, you have to know which improvement takes precedence. Oftentimes that’s the most painful decision of all.

In which room do you spend the most time? If you don’t work from a home office, chances are it’s the family room. There’s also a good chance that you’ve already spent the most money on that room, with the couches, chairs, TV, entertainment center, and other bells and whistles. Still, there are quite a few ways to further improve that space.

Think you have a pretty well set family room? Check out these three improvements that can make a huge difference. Still feel the same way?


Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: bookcases are not necessarily for books. If you have a lot of books, then sure, load them on there. Books make for great decoration, and conversation material, after all. But modern bookcases can do so much more. They not only decorate any room, but you can add decoration to them, creating an even livelier effect.

There is a huge variety of home bookcases that can complement any room. Shelves with doors on the bottom can provide both a display and a storage area. Cases with glass doors are perfect for putting heirlooms and other meaningful trinkets on display. There are indeed bookcases that are specifically designed for trinkets, rather than books.

The best part is that bookcases will look good almost anywhere you put them. They can surround the TV, giving it a boxed-in feel. They can line the walls, giving the room a more vintage look. They can even set the division between rooms. However you use them, bookcases are a great addition to any family room.

Hardwood floors and area rug

Chances are, you already have full carpeting in your living room. If it’s in good condition, you won’t want to go through the trouble of ripping it out. Trouble is, carpets can go bad quickly, and that goes doubly for a highly trafficked area such as the family room. The more feet traversing the carpet, the quicker it’s going to wear out.

When it comes time to replace that carpet, you might not want to get a full installation again. For starters, it’s expensive. People have to come in and measure the whole room, cut the carpet, install it, trim it — it’s a huge ordeal. Second, if you have a larger family you’ll need to replace it again soon enough anyway. Then there’s a third aspect:

Hardwood floors just look better.

There is so much you can do with a hardwood floor. And you know what greatly complements a room with a hardwood floor? An area rug. That can go right under the coffee table, creating a rich, vibrant effect. It’ll get some foot traffic, but not too much. If you do it right, you can avoid laying the couch on the area rug, further reducing wear and tear. If you are ripping up your carpet soon, a hardwood floor with area rug is a great alternative.

False TV wall

If you value space in your living room, chances are you’ve thought about mounting your flat-screen TV to the wall. Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge. If you have, how have you deal with the issue of wires. My sister-in-law has a mounted TV, but you can see all the wires running down from it and to the cable box, the PlayStation, and other peripherals. It’s not the greatest sight.

You could run the wires through the wall, but that’s a huge undertaking. If you screw up, you’re in a huge hole. Thankfully, you can mount your TV to a wall and hide the cables behind it, without actually hammering into your existing wall. This Wired guide to building a false TV wall is meant for apartment dwellers, but works well for homeowners who want to mount a TV and keep those unsightly wires hidden. It’s easy to assemble, and even easier to deconstruct when you’re ready to move out.

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