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4 Easy Ways to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system

Saving energy can go a long way in helping your financial situation, a well as helping protect the environment.  There are a number of things you can do to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system, and it is important to educate yourself so that you can take advantage of these tips.  Speaking with our licensed technician is a great way to get additional tips on how to make your air conditioning system more energy efficient.  However, these four tips below are quick and easy ways to increase the energy efficiency in your unit with little to no trouble.

Shade Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

Shading your unit will insure that the unit has an easier time cooling the air because the unit itself will be cooler in the shade.  This simple change could increase your unit’s efficiency by %10.  One way to shade your air conditioning unit are to plant trees or bushes near the unit, so that they cast a shade over the unit.  Another way is to place a small awning over your unit.  You can also construct a small cover for your air conditioning unit.  You can check with your air conditioning company regarding the necessary dimensions for the cover, as the proper clearance for air flow will be necessary for the cover to work properly

Straightening Bent Coils

Another easy way to increase the efficiency in your air conditioning unit is to straighten any bent coils in your air conditioning unit.  Bent coils can hinder the efficiency of your air conditioning unit by decreasing the air flow in the system.  You can do this by purchasing a fin comb from any air conditioning manufacturer.  To straighten any bent coils, unscrew the grill of your air conditioning unit and the coils will be visible.  Simply use your fin comb to straighten the coils back into place.

Spray Foams

Spray foams are another easy way to increase energy efficiency.  Spray foams are sprayed in attics or crawlspaces to increase your home’s insulation.  These foams expand to fully cover the area and keep your home cool.  Spray foams are administered professionals or small bottles can be purchased at local hardware stores.  The bottles can be administered on your own, but are used for windows and cracks around doors, etc.  For the best results, contact a professional to administer the spray foam in your attic or crawl space.

Cleaning Air Conditioning Coils

Cleaning the air conditioning coils is another easy way to insure energy efficiency.  Cleaning can usually be done with soap and water, and the coils are within easy reach.  Cleaning coils is typically an easy do-it-yourself job, however, it is important to consult your air conditioning manufacturer before doing any work, should they have any specific recommendations to aid in the cleaning.  Always ensure the power is off on your air conditioning unit before cleaning the coils to insure that you are safe.

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