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4 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Winter

When the winter is coming you have to check your home and fix things to make sure you and your family members comfortable. Whether you are staying home for the winter or going away to enjoy a tropical holiday you have to get your home prepared for winter. Some things are very small things that can make a big difference for you, your home and the environment.
1) Check the heating systems
Contact a heating professional and have him thoroughly check your household. It is advisable you do this way in advance. There is a high demand for the heating professionals during the winter time. So they might not be able to visit you when you want their assistance. In addition you can vacuum the vents and other components to provide easy access for the heat. Replace the furnace filter and keep a spare one in hand to be replaced anytime if the need occurs.

2) Seal the cracks of doors and windows
There is a tremendous amount of heat escaped through the cracks of windows and doors than you would imagine. Check all the weather-stripping and replace them. Once you have done a good sealing job you will notice the drastic decrease of your heating cost. If there is a basement in your house do not forget the basement windows are heavily responsible for letting the heat escape from your home. So make sure to winterise the basement windows.

3) Check the Roof
If the shingles are loose get them fixed by a handyman. If the flashing around the chimney or vent pipes are not watertight you can have them fixed at the same time. Check and clean the gutters and point downspout to the opposite direction of the house. If there are tree limbs near the house it is a disaster waiting to happen. So trim the tree limbs in advance before the snowing starts.

4) Winterise outdoor items and garden tools
The decks can use an additional coat of sealer during the wet and cold months. It would really help it to last longer. Drain the garden hoses and store them indoors as your garden will have plenty of water during this period. Drain the gas from all the garden equipment such as lawnmowers. But when you dispose the gas make sure to do it in an environmentally friendly way. Collect all the garden tools, clean them and dry them properly store them. If you take good care of your garden tools they will remain in tip top condition and last longer.

5) Winterise the plumbing
We all know that frozen pipes can cause such a disaster and that you need assistance of professionals to deal with it. So it is better that we take precautions to control the situation. During the extremely cold weather use the heat tape to keep the pipes warm. Drain water from outdoor faucets and sprinklers before the winter arrives. Most of the time outdoor faucets are overlooked and it can cost you lots of money to replace the damaged pipelines.



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