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The 5 Most Romantic Wedding Destinations in Canada

With its vast symbolic places and other spots that can cater for both foreigners and local people, Canada is one of the most preferred places for those intending to hold a wedding. Since for most people a wedding is a once in lifetime event, the venue of the wedding should be so unique and romantic. Canada has some of the most romantic venues to cater for the dreams of any lovebird.

Here are The 5 Most Romantic Wedding Destinations in Canada

· The Canadian Rockies—these mountains stretch all the way from the United States border to the northern most part of the Columbia. It is one of the most breath taking scenes across the nation. Nothing could be more romantic than kissing your lifetime partner on these mountains. A view of these mountains is amazing which will spice up the whole event. As well, over the time, the mountain jewels have been glaciated to give a sharp look of the mountain tops. All these settings will make you have a dream wedding.

· The prairies—situated between the Rocky Mountains in the west and to the great lake region in the central of the nation, prairies stands amongst the very few indigenous forests. Due to its size, this forest has space for many people, giving all a natural touch. This place is ideal for those who love nature. Unlike other wedding places close to the city life, this place will give you a peaceful environment, free from the hustle and tussles of the city and the street life. A beautiful blue sky with some smoothing sound of wind spices the whole event, giving the soul a powerful emotion.

· The Pacific Rim national park—this park is just not like any other national park. It is located at the Vancouver islands with a stretch of 40 kilometers along the beach. This place is ideal for those who dream for a beach wedding. With a heartwarming environment, you will definitely have an exhilarating moment with your groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle. After the wedding, you can be entertained by whales or enjoy the only hot spring in the whole island. A wedding done at this place is going to last in your memory forever, with the venue, the whales and the environment being so amazing.

· Banff—this is a resort town frequented by tourist from all the pillars of the world. It is situated 58 miles to the east of Lake Louse and 78 miles to the west of Calgary. This destination has a lot to offer when it comes to natural offerings and amenities. If you are a couple that loves adventure, then this is the most ideal destination for your wedding. Outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, hiking and scrambling are also available to spice up your time after the wedding.

· Niagara Falls—serving as a symbol of the country, the beauty of this place is marvellous. It has three falls located on the Niagara River. Holding a wedding on this place would really leave life lasting memories. No one can imagine of a better place than a historical venue, hosting historical moment.

These are places that will give you and your partner the best romantic environment to hold your wedding at. In case you are going to travel by car and drive yourself, then you need to book driving test. This will help you to be conversant with international driving rules and regulations.

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