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5 simple ways to improve construction site safety

Safety at the construction sites is one of the primary concerns for anyone who is dealing with occupational safety. Simply, the statistics show that most occupational injuries occur on the construction sites.

Now, when it comes to improving the safety of workers on the site, there are many possibilities. However, some are more complicated than the others, either because the procedure is too long or they are too expensive. Here, I will present you with some ways that will help you to improve the safety on your construction site, without having to spend much money or wait too long.

Plan in advance

Well, here’s a thing that will not cost much, but will definitely make sure that there are no mistakes or accidents on the construction site. Planning in advance will certainly help with any problems that might occur, because you will be ready for any eventualities.

Now, as a part of planning in advance, I have to mention that you should definitely consider acquiring a WHS management plan. If you are a small contractor, then this is an optional step. However, if you work on a project that is worth more than $250,000, then you are obliged by law (the new law in occupational safety has been in effect since 1st January 2013) to have one. These plans contain all the things that have to be secured in order to have a safe construction project. Just make sure that you obtain one that is easy to follow, because misunderstanding can create even more trouble.

Inspect tools and equipment before every shift

Equipment malfunction is one of the primary causes of injuries on the construction sites. The problem with the equipment is that it can malfunction at any time, almost randomly. This is why it is very important to have your workers report the state of the equipment after every shift and have someone who knows what he is doing to inspect the equipment before each shift starts.

A little problem with the machine can cause a great deal of trouble later, so it’s best if it is spotted early on. Also, it may happen that the workers will report that everything is all right with the machine, even though it isn’t, simply because they want to go home early or they do not want to take the blame for the malfunction.

Make sure your workers and safety managers are competent and trained

Contractors are usually concerned with getting the job done on time, without having to pay much money. The more you save on paying the workers, the more money will be left as profit at the end of the project. From the financial point of view, this is very true. However, if you want to do a proper job on the project, then you will have to consider having people who are trained well to perform the duties around the site.

Hiring trained and experienced people might cost a little bit more, but will yield in better performance and a safer place for all the workers. An experienced worker will care about the safety of others and will know exactly what dangers lurk on the site. The same goes with safety managers. You cannot hire just about anyone to do this job. You have to have someone who knows what to look for and what is worth reporting and what is not.

Perform regular safety inspections

When I say ‘safety inspections’ I do not mean that you should call a federal safety inspector and have him go through your construction site. Nobody likes federal inspectors. However, what you should do is to do it yourself, along with your safety manager. Every now and then, have a walk around the site and see what has changed. Since things are constantly changing on the site, these inspections have to be on a regular basis. This way, you will be able to update your workers with possible hazards that they need to look out for.

If you are working with someone, make sure you are well informed

Sometimes, it may happen that you will have to cooperate with someone while working on a certain project. Working with someone means new dangers, because your workers will have chemistry between them, but who can guarantee that the other company’s workers will follow all the safety codes. So, before starting any work, get informed about the company that you have to cooperate with. Pay special attention on the things that are concerned with following the safety procedures. Once you have enough information, decide whether you will take the job or not.

So, there you have it, five simple, inexpensive ways which will help you improve the safety of the workers on the construction site. Doing this will not cost you much and it will greatly contribute towards your workers safety.

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