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6 Tips for Cleaning an Electric Pressure Cooker

In today’s technologically ridden world everyone is making use of electric equipments for faster work efficiency. This involves, electric irons, electric room heaters, electric gas stoves, induction cookers and last but not the least electric pressure cookers. An electric pressure cooker indeed makes work easier and faster for a homemaker as you do not need to keep track of your food all the time. You can do your other household chores while your pressure cooker is doing the needful. What you need to do is just put the right amount of water and set the timer accordingly. Your food is ready in a jiffy!

However when it comes to cleaning your electric pressure cooker, it is definitely tougher than the conventional ones as it cannot be submerged in water wholly. An electric pressure cooker is made out of electric wires which may lead to short circuits if water seeps in. The pressure cooker which deals with high pressures and extreme temperatures should be maintained well. The user friendly design of the pressure cooker makes it easier with a little bit of extra care. Here are some tips by which you can clean your electric cooker easily.

Cleaning the outer body

Unplug the whole pressure cooker from the electrical plug and remove the cook pot which is inside. The outer body of the pressure cooker cannot be cleaned as that is filled with wires and coils inside. You need to take a soft dry cloth and wipe it carefully from outside. The outer part should not be brought in contact with water. For any kind of patches in the outer pot, rub some amount of vinegar on the patch and wipe it dry after some time.

Cleaning the inner cook pot

The inner cook pot can be cleaned with water and soap. It can also be rinsed in the dishwasher if required. However you should ensure that hard chemical and abrasives should not be used in the inner pot as it may result in scratches. There is a chemical coating in the pot which allows the pressure cooker to withstand high temperatures. It should be cleaned gently. Make a soapy liquid with lukewarm water and then gently clean the inside of the pot and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the lid

Rinse the lid in a mixture of Luke warm soapy water and scrub gently with a soft baby toothbrush. Also clean the gaskets, valve and anti block cover gently on the lid. The pressure valve can be removed and the cleaned properly as well if required.

Sealing Ring

The sealing ring can be pulled up by holding the knob on it. It is important to clean the sealing ring as well as the supporting cover. After cleaning the ring make sure to place it in the right direction facing outwards. Check out for any kind of cracks or dents in the sealing ring frequently.


After everything is over taken a soft cloth and dry. Any kind of trapped water may damage the cooker or also form rusts. Take extra care of the outer body while wiping. Be sure that the electrical elements do not get damaged.

Check properly

After the pressure cooker is dried properly plug in into the socket and check if it is in good working condition. Your electric pressure cooker is ready to use!

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