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8 Secrets To Improve barbequing & have Safe BBQ Grilling

nullBarbequing on a weekend afternoon can’t ask anything better than this. It’s these times of the day that becomes a perfect get together along with grilling your favorite food. But, these family outings could turn disastrous if you don’t follow few rules stuck with the barbequing menu. So, in order to have a safe barbequing experience that would improve your overall skill, do follow the tips that have been discussed below.

The location of your grill

This is one of the important factors that would affect your grilling activities. Every year, the newspaper has reports about how people end up burning their houses, owing to the poor choice of location which they chose for their grill. So, in order to be not found in those flashing news, choose the right place for the grill which must be at least 10 feet away from the house. The same rule applies to grills that stay away from garages and porches too.

Also, make sure barbeque grills are not set up under a closed roof, which would increase the chances of the fire flaring up and causing havoc. Apart from the fire concern, the carbon monoxide build up as a result of barbequing, is extremely dangerous when in closed environments.

Fire safety

Once the location of the grill is determined, one needs to take steps that would prevent any untoward incidents due to fire, irrespective of the time you choose to spend on the grill. Preventive measures like having a garden hose or even a fire extinguisher are recommended every time you step on the grill. Also, avoid overloading of the grill, in which case, there is too much of fat dripping into the fire, thereby increasing the chances of flare-ups. And in worst case of a fire accident, one must be prepared to handle the situation with first aid kits to treat injuries pertaining to burns, with a prompt call being made to the emergency.

Proper lighting of the charcoal

With two types of grills Gas grills & charcoal grills, both offer all together different experience, both in the method of cooking, as well as the taste it offers. When it comes to charcoal grills which offer a unique flavor to the barbequed food, one needs to take extra care while lighting up the charcoal using lighter liquids. These liquids at low temperature have a tendency to turn to a heavy gas and cause great havoc. Apart from this, the modes of disposal of the charcoal after use must be monitored carefully to avoid burns.

Checking for leaks and blocks in gas grills

In case of the gas grills, the pipes leading to the grill are loaded with the gas, which must be constantly checked for leaks and blocks. The former would cause minor leakage of gas, which when builds up cause greater chances of a fire explosion. With the latter problem, there are chances of the gas moving through other areas of the grill, thereby inhibiting the grilling process and when left attended cause serious problems.

Free from food borne diseases

The following tips are the most important, that any pro in grilling would like to share with his students. It takes a great deal of knowledge to understand what suits a grill and what doesn’t. One needs to follow up the instructions given below to cook the meat thoroughly, in order to be safe from any food borne diseases.

Thaw the meat well in advance, in order to prevent partial cooking of the meat. Maintain an even temperature in the grill irrespective of the type of grill you are using.Use food thermometers to check the temperature of the cooked meat. Foods that average around 165Ā to 170ĀF are said to be free from E.coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter, and hence are healthy to eat.

Marinating the meat

Before you begin to follow the barbeque tips mentioned above, always marinate the food that is to be grilled. Apart from imparting a better flavor to the food, the process of marinating inhibits the formation of HCAs (heterocyclic amines), which have been found to be carcinogenic, present on the unmarinated muscle meats of poultry and fish.

Fine cleaning 

Once the grilling process is complete, leave the entire set up to cool down and then fine clean it using a brush. This process ensures that the grill is ready to be used over the next weekend, free of any leftover meat and bacteria.

Stay away from children

All the above process of grilling must be done away from the reach of children. It is better they are kept indoors while all the grilling is happening outside.

All the best for a safe barbeque lunch!


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