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8 Smart Home Staging Tricks to Make It Appear Larger

In the real estate industry, after location, the look and size of your property counts the most. Lately, the professionals realized that with the aid of certain smart presentation tactics you can make your home appear bigger than an average one or at least allow its actual size to emerge out fully.

Use the following simple and easy tips to make your home more appealing to potential buyers by increasing the appearance of the size of your house. This will help you in concluding a quick sale at a good price.

 Keep essential Items Only

Try keeping only the essential items in smaller spaces. You can certainly do without chairs in your bedroom and your precious collection of old magazines and books.

Appropriate Furniture Size

Depending upon the space of the room, decide on the appropriate size of the furniture to be kept there. Let’s say, avoid keeping a larger sofa in a smaller room as it will only highlight the space shortage.

Appropriate Color Selection

Try using a light color scheme for your rooms. It would be good if the walls are painted in light and subtle colors with the likes of pale blue, grey and white. At the time of showing your house to a prospective buyer, use only the light colored bed covers for your bed. Follow the same light color scheme for your carpets as well.

Install Wall Mirrors

The strategically placed wall mirrors can do wonders to the appearance of space in any of your rooms. They not only reflect the images but colors and lights as well and create an illusion for a bigger room.

Creative Lighting Effects

Using creative lighting effects is another amazing solution to make your house feel brighter and bigger. Ensure that at the time of home staging, you turn on all the overhead lights and table lamps. By lighting up your house, every corner is highlighted. This creates an impression of a larger visual space.

Proper Window Treatment

Use the appropriate window treatment to make the space appear bigger and open. Keep the window drapes, blinds and shades simple enough by supporting only the pale and lighter colors. In fact, use minimum of them. While showing the house to a prospective buyer, fully open them up to allow maximum natural light and air in the room.

Avoid Unwanted Items

Get rid of the unwanted items. Sort them out to determine which of them can be sold at a good price and which can be given away. You can also store away certain stuff which is not very essential and is unnecessarily eating your home space. Your pool table or a treadmill machine should be preferably stored away. This would make available more free space in the house.

House Exterior

The house exteriors are also a part of your property and in fact create the first impression of the overall appearance of your house and your personality. Make sure that on the day of home staging, your driveway is kept clear of dry leaves and debris. Trim all the shrubs and the outreaching branches of the trees to create more openness at the entrance to your house.


Invest just a little creativity, time and money in these tactics to make your house larger and open. Alternatively, you can even go for hiring the professional and Cheap self storage companies in London for the purpose.

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