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Advantages and Disadvantages of buying folded TV tables

Folding furniture has been gaining extreme popularity lately. People are rushing for folding tables, chairs, desks, sofas and even sleeping beds. One obvious reason is that, being foldable, the folding furniture could be folded to free the space it has occupied when unfolded. Another reason for the popularity of folding furniture is its portability. However, folding tables have a few disadvantages as well. Let us review them here.


They are portable:

Folding TV tables are really useful to own for many reasons. They help you move your TV anywhere within the house. Had it been a hinged table, you probably would not have been able to move it. Folding TV tables are portable and you could carry them along while going for a picnic or to a beach to assist you as a serving platform. Such a table could conveniently fold up directly into sections where it could be carried using a handle which is linked to a section on the table. This will make it nice for carrying around to areas wherever it can be needed the most.

They are durable

Folding tables are usually made of tough plastic so they can bear heavy weights on them and are also durable, they don’t break easily. They offer a great return on investment (ROI). A regular wooden table would be quite expensive as compared to a foldable plastic table of the same dimensions. Folding tables are not only limited to plastic material; they are now available in wood and metal as well.

They are multipurpose

Folding TV tables could be used to keep a lot of things from food to additional items when required. They are available in a variety of materials, be it plastic, wood or metal, and come in a lot of colors. This makes them look good in appearance as well as with respect to the material that they are made from. A folding table may serve as a stool to stand up to reach some height. You would just need to fold it, take it to the needed place and assemble it. Hinged tables could not beat them. You might not be able to drag a hinged one to the desired place to stand up on it.


Not pretty to look at

Though folding TV tables are available in various colors to give them an attractive look, they at times do not look so pretty that you just jump in and buy them. A regular wooden table would definitely look better than a folding one. Even if it is decorated with no carvings on the wood, it would definitely be better than the folding one.


Folding tables are usually made of molded sections. These sections are cast so perfectly that they fit the assigned spot only. If any of the sections breaks or is lost, you would not get its replacement easily and might end up throwing the table into the trash.

Standard sizes

Usually folding TV tables – also known as folde TV borde by the Danish interiro designers – are made in standard sizes… while our homes are not. Your TV may fit the space very well, but not necessarily the folding TV table. For such locations or corners, you would need to have a customized table made by a carpenter.

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