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Adwords vs SEO

Everyone talks about unless otherwise jealous of Google still ruling the online marketing era. We all know the reach we can get through google. My suggestion for online promotion through google is to consider both advertising(adwords) and search engine optimization(SEO). Without spending much on SEO and regularly checking on result of money spent on an adword campaign.

Adwords vs SEO


ad words


Adwords –

  1. Advertisers pay for it to appear in a website or a search engine result.
  2. Advertisers pay google for advertising in its network.
  3. Ranking of your ads based on bidding and quality score like advertisers landing page.
  4. Advertisers decide on a time period to campaign for your product and formulate plan.
  5. Advertisers pay high to use a high quality keyword.
  6. Lesser the quality of keyword lesser you pay.
  7. Adwords consider target user based on their interest, location, language, demography, previously searched query etc.
  8. Advertisers can measure the return on investment for a specific campaign.
  9. Advertisers may change or withdraw campaign after spotting a change in trend.

Search Engine Optimization –

  1. It is the listing of website in search engine with relevant keywords or phrases typed.
  2. You pay the seo specialist if you have hired any.
  3. Ranking are based on seo tools used. No one can guarantee the ranking or time period when the rank will be high.
  4. You have no control. Ranking is based on search engine algorithm and frequency of pages indexed.
  5. You can use any keyword or phrase while doing search engine optimization.
  6. Lesser the quality of keyword higher the chances of high-ranking.
  7. Search engine consider target user result based on location (country).
  8. There can be no measurement of ROI for a specific period. SEO specialists are to be paid regularly to keep taking care of the ranking.
  9. SEO specialists are paid as per agreed terms irrespective of result, which may vary from expectation.

Like search engine ranking there is also a competition among advertisers for the ad to appear in desired location. This is called ad rank. Ad rank is based on advertisers bid value, quality score and relevance of keyword or search query.

There are three types of advertisement in google.

  1. CPC- Cost per click –Advertiser pays for each click on the ad displayed. The click opens advertiser’s website which is the landing page in another tab or window. Quality score in PPC is determined by quality of landing pages, relevance of keyword or search query and Click-through rate (CTR) which is a unit of measuring success of an online advertising campaign.
  2. CPI/CPM- Cost per impression/Cost per Mile – Advertiser pays for per thousand impression/views of ads displayed on websites irrespective of clicks. Quality score in CPI is determined simply by quality of landing page. Available for display network like Youtube and not for google search. It is also called as CPV –cost per view in showcasing video advertisement.
  3. CPA/-Cost per acquisition/affiliate – Advertiser pays only when a conversion happens clicked through the advertising website.

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