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Basic Tops with Luxurious Blends of Cotton and Silk

Basic tops with luxurious blends of cotton and silk are a trendsetting option for women. A basic top has the versatility of blending with just about any outfit. A basic top signifies a single color but cut like a t-shirt, with short or long sleeves, or a camisole shape. It can have different neck styles, but rounded and v-necked are the most common. There are several color options. For these reasons and many others, this is a must have wardrobe staple.

Tops with Luxurious Blends of Cotton and Silk

The typical basic top is usually a cotton or cotton spandex blend. They lack the luxurious feel of this basic top and they lack the ability to carry your style as far as the luxurious cotton and silk blend tops. They hang beautifully. We will look at a few ways that this basic top can shape your style. The possibilities are truly endless!

In cooler weather the basic top is the perfect item to use under a beautiful sweater, a chic draped cardigan, a cropped jacket, a wool blazer or a winter coat. A beautiful dyed, abstract printed or colorful scarf can change up the look of the basic top instantly. This basic top with luxurious blends of cotton and silk, will work well with boots, ballet flats, wedges or heels.

You can wear it for an evening out with a trendy tulip skirt, a cropped jacket, necklace and heels. Regardless of the options you go with, there will be some heads turning when you go out feeling like a million bucks.

You can wear the basic top to work under a cardigan with a pair of wide legged trousers or a skirt. You may prefer to wear a business savvy wool blazer. Either way, you can add a scarf and your satchel or handbag to knock it out of the park.

For more casual cozy days this basic tee will provide comfort and opulence. It goes very naturally with a pair of jeans. It can be paired with a tunic over a pair of leggings. You will look comfortable but you will feel just a little more chic on those casual days.

In warmer weather you can wear a basic top alone or under a sheer blouse. You can change it up with the right belt. No matter what style you choose, you always have the option of accessorizing it. One good choice is the bib necklace, which will add a whole new dynamic. One thing for sure, this basic top is a very versatile must have for a woman’s clothing collection.

The dictionary defines the word luxurious as: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable. Some synonyms: opulent, sumptuous, rich, splendid and magnificent just to name a few. Once you start wearing basic tops in blends of cotton and silk, you will see that most of those terms apply. They not only apply to the feel of excellence in this top but by the look of this top on you. It would be hard to imagine ever going back to being without this rich essential in your closet. Once you get it, you will only wonder how you have gone without it until now.

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