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Beginners guide to search engine optimization – Website Usage Metrics

This is one of many algorithms that google use after the Panda Update. You may spent hours doing all sorts of optimization techniques for your website to appear in highest possible rank but you need to have quality traffic for better seo. After going through many advanced articles,I found this information very useful and valid.Its a must share for all the newbie bloggers like me who know little about seo.

In short all you have to do is write great articles and SHARE!! SHARE!! SHARE!!

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The more traffic you generate from other sources like social media, e mail marketing will make your site popular and hence better for seo. Below are some points which are considered in this algorithm. Remember google records all the activities in any website and you can’t challenge those. This information will tell you that google seo ranking is not a day/week job but you have to start at the earliest to gain a good rank.

Most of the information can be availed from your google analytics account. If you don’t have it yet, ITS TIME.

Below are some points how google records your website’s usage metrics.

Time spent on website/Page

A visitor spending more time on a page or site means it has got some good information in it. Google records the total spent on a site for each unique visitor. If  someone plays dirty seo tricks and manages to get the page rank well without relevant information inside,it will eventually came down as a result of this calculation.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to single page visitor to any site. If the site doesn’t have great content or reasonable navigation to pages, visitors will go back from the landing page. So even if you get a unique visitor, it’s not going to count much. Google measures this by looking at how many visitor go to your website from search engine and come back again to search results and click on some other link. Higher the number means your site does not have what they are looking for.Hence its irrelevant to the keyword or search query.

Browse rate

It is the average page views per visitor,higher the better.3-4 page views per visitor are considered good. Which means your site has good information and navigation friendly. This is of great benefit to optimize for search engine.

Clicks from search Engine

Visitor gets attracted from the snippet that they see in search results under any link. This is the meta description that you give while publishing a page. If it’s not very informative, visitors may not click even if it appears in a higher rank. More clicks from a search result to your site means you have a good “click-through rate” and hence it is great for search engine.

Beginners guide to search engine optimization – website usage metrics

It is inspired from a this video “Panda Update“.  I am not a seo professional and I refer to for all my seo related queries. It’s highly informative and more importantly it is always “UPDATED” .


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