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Benefits of draining your spa

Now-a-days most of the people prefer to have spa at their own home so that they may enjoy hot bath whenever they intend so. Just having a spa is not enough for anyone. Its care and maintenance is equally important. As it is used by the entire family and is associated with water, therefore proper care is required to keep it neat and clean otherwise the family members may suffer from various infectious diseases. One of the major steps in keeping your hot tub spa free from unpredictable infections or bacterial attack is to drain it regularly as suggested by the experts. Normally, drainage at an interval of three months is recommended by the professionals in the relevant industry. Let us have a look at the benefits of draining your spa.

Thorough cleaning– Although owners of the spa regularly use sanitizers to keep it clean and free from germs, yet draining after every three months is obligatory for thorough cleaning of the spa. It is because even sanitizers are effective in cleaning your tub only up to some extent. And in some cases, these are not able to accomplish the requisite task successfully due to some reasons. As a result, family members may start suffering from skin diseases.

Prevention of cloudy and foamy water- The functioning of a spa is based on the phenomenon of producing soap. Due to regular use, the tub starts making a foamy or cloudy layer in the water due to presence of animal fats in the form of perspiration, an alkaline base and heat. All this is controlled by the filter systems present in the spa and the chemicals used for sanitisation. However, they can do so to limited extent due to unilateral and insoluble nature of some substances. Draining is the best option to get rid of the same that produce foam or cloudy layer over water.

Reduced exposure of body to the harmful chemicals– Since chemical is used to clean your tub in a regular manner; therefore many chemical reactions take place in the water. You have to take bath in the same water time and again. Consequently, your body gets exposed to reactions. Although, these chemicals are safe yet too much exposure to these elements results in many health diseases. The only way to get rid of these chemicals which become harmful after sometime is draining that helps in prevention of many diseases.

Removal of harmful chemicals and their foul smell- Draining helps in removing harmful chemicals from water. The most harmful chemicals in your spa are those which are used to sanitize water. When they come into contact with bacteria present in the water, these get converted into a stable form of sanitizer which is not capable of killing the germs and hence start producing smell. They are the solid reasons of various health diseases too.

There is not a single but numerous benefits of draining your spa. The most important is related to your health. Therefore, regular draining is a must for your spa.


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