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Many people are good at changing out their air filters every month, but there are some people who end up slacking on this much needed chore. The reasons run the gamut of being too busy, not remembering, or not wanting to spend the money. If people who don’t change their air filters understand the importance of doing it, they probably wouldn’t fail at changing them so much.

Air Quality

Have you ever taken out an old air filter? If so, you’ve likely seen all of the dust, dirt and grime it’s collected. All of that material on the filter isn’t from it just sitting there for a month or in dire situations, a year. It’s what it filters out of the air. That air is the one that you breathe.

Breathing dirty air can be hazardous to your health. Even if you don’t have allergies, you could end up with them if you continuous breathe in large amounts of dust and other allergens.


When your HVAC unit turns on, air is circulated through the home. Air goes into the filter and then comes out with the temperature you want the house to reach. If air flows freely through the filter, it doesn’t take much energy for the HVAC unit to cool or heat your home. However, if air can’t circulate easily, the HVAC unit has work longer and harder.

When your heat or air conditioning has to run for longer periods of time, you will see a difference in your electricity bill. The more time it runs, the more you’ll have to pay.

If air can circulate easily and the heating or air conditioning unit is able to run efficiently, you will likely see a reduction in your electricity bill. Simply changing your air filter can produce this effect.

Environmentally Friendly

Air filters purify the air, which then purifies the Earth. With better circulation in your home, not as much energy is being used, and that means you are conserving it for many generations to come.

Changing the air filter doesn’t only benefit you. It benefits the planet and future generations. It gives everyone a cleaner work to live in, and preserves energy, so everyone can take advantage of the power you love to use every day.

It’s Time to Change Your Air Filter

Go out and buy a new air filter today. Remove the old one from the return and pop the new one in. It only takes a minute to do, and the benefits are plenty.

To remind yourself to do this every single month, set an alert on your mobile device. You can also attach the chore to something you already do every month. Some people do it when they pay their mortgage. Others do it according to when they receive their first paycheck of the month.

Whichever way you use to remember is fine. All you need to do is remember and do it. It will be something you’ll appreciate for many years as you save money and your health.

Marcelina Hardy wrote this post. She often writes on home improvement topics because she enjoys maintaining her home for her family. Find more articles by her on topics such as air conditioner maintenance and AC service Round Rock all around the Internet.


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