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Strategies To Extract The Best Results From Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized the approach in which successful businesses or companies engage with customers and stretch out to untapped markets. Facebook, one of the popular platform types of social media, is a powerful advertising tool for businesses, on the basis that they devise an ideal advertising strategy to extort utmost trade out of it.

Boasting a user base exceeding 1 billion users, Facebook advertising provides the opportunity of quickly and afford-ably making an ad campaign appropriate and accurate. With its ability to guarantee string results, Facebook advertising platform offers a notable advantage over other advertising platforms based on the way users can be reached out for through a combination of geographic, demographic and behavioral segmentation.

Let’s cast a critical look at the 4 important strategies to improve your Facebook ad campaign.
Well focused ad campaignsMany small businesses and companies that join the bandwagon of using Facebook advertisements normally make the costly mistake of trying to target every Facebook user instead of focusing their efforts on targeting the consumers in belonging to their niche market. It is vital that you first evaluate and subdivide Facebook users on the basis of the flowing measures:Geographic setting of where your Facebook fans reside
Demographic details like ethnicity, religion, age
Personality traits such as interests, hobbies and opinions.
Connections and friend contacts your Facebook fans have for instance, if you run a store that sells sporting merchandise, it would be foolhardy to target all people who have revealed that they have a passion for sports in their Facebook profiles. It would be prudent to target those people who have engaged in the playing of some sort of sport. This way, you are bound to make headway’s.Create an attractive and well-run Landing Page

Convincing a prospective customer or user to click on your advertisement is only the inaugural step in building good relations with your customers that can endure days or even years. Use the ads to direct users to your Facebook landing page that ought to appealing, unique and accurately describe your company and what sort of business it engages in. Allow users to like your page by clicking ‘Like’, enter their email addresses or simply refer them to your website by sending them a link of your website where they can shop for a specific product. In addition, ensure you Facebook page focuses on your theme. So, an attractive and continually updated Facebook landing Page is undoubtedly a decisive factor in effective advertisement campaign.

Cost per Click versus Cost per Multiple Clicks

There are two types of Facebook advertising based on the form of payment. These include CPC and CPM. CPC, the acronym for cost per clicks, is a form of advertisement that sees a company pay every time a user clicks on its ads. CPM, the abbreviation for cost per thousands impressions, is a form of advertising where a company pays ascertain predetermined amount and its advertisement appears a thousand times on Facebook not considering whether any person clicks on the add or not. Normally, new companies as well as small businesses are advised to try out the CPC option given that it is poses less risk on the part of the advertiser. However, as you become more established and reputable, you can switch to CPM given that it provides for cheaper clicks. Additionally, if you are testing the waters with a new advertisement campaign, it is better to opt for CPC since it less costly when the number of clicks is minimal.

Making use of search ads 

A search ad is a relatively new advertising concept launched by Facebook that allows marketers to underscore a Facebook page in the search bar. Such accentuated results are referred to as sponsored results that describe only the content found on Facebook and are exhibited together with the natural search outcomes. Evidently, this form of marketing is effective in redirecting potential customers of an item to its rival.

Facebook has lots of advertising potential though finding the right marketing strategy is not a walk in the park and may require increased efforts from a company. At the end of the day, Facebook remain just as a marketing tool; remember, it is not necessarily the effectiveness of the tool rather the skills of the one utilizing the tool. The above mentioned strategies will go a long way in getting the best out of your Facebook marketing campaigns

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