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Best Summer Activities That Improve Math Skills

Why is math important?

When asked about the least favorite subject, a lot of kids would answer ‘Math’ right away because children simply love to loathe math. For them, the scrawling of a complicated math problem on the blackboard by their math teacher can trigger a shiver down their spine! However, math is definitely the cornerstone of a child’s academic success in the future. Moreover having great math skills also helps in everyday life later on. Therefore math cannot be ignored and it is important to ensure that your children are able to gain a firm grasp of basic mathematical concepts so that they wouldn’t turn out to have a phobia of mathematics later on!

Can math skills be improved?

This is a question that a lot of parents ask because they seem to be worried for their children’s studies and future. The good news is that there are a lot of different ways in which parents can improve the conceptual understanding and mathematical skills of their children. What’s more, you don’t even need to do it through boring activities like forcing your children to practice mathematical assignments every day. You can introduce your child to some fun activities that will help improve their math skills this summer instead.

Fun activities to improve math skills

What are the best summer activities that improve math skills – math tutors would definitely have to be one of them. Hiring an efficient and friendly tutor can work wonders when it comes to improving your child’s mathematical skills. The right tutor to hire is the one who is capable of attracting the attention of your child and keeping them engaged while teaching them in a fun and interesting manner so that the child does not lose interest in learning math. Math tutors act as a friend, philosopher and guide for your child, therefore be sure to hire the right one because it does make a difference!

If your child is having difficulty honing his/her math skills then how about combining the element of games and mathematics together? You can try out board games or card games such as Crazy 8’s or Go Fish in order to provide your child with the opportunity to learn the value of numbers. If your child is a bit older then you can also introduce him/her to games like monopoly or cribbage, which are no doubt more advanced, as these are great tools for motivating or encouraging them to engage in mental math.

Riddles or guessing games are another fun activity that you can try out to improve the math skills of your child. For example, you can ask your child to think of a number which is more than 60 but less than 80 and is a product of 9 and 8.

Shopping is another fun activity that can help children improve their math skills or brush up on their math knowledge. You can ask your kids to calculate the price of a discounted item or teach them rounding off or make them calculate the sum total of your shopping cart.

Irrespective of which fun summer activity you choose, your child is sure to have a blast because these aren’t conventional teaching methods but rather fun ones with an interesting twist!

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Biljana has been researching the effect schooling has over her children and what seams to be the greatest issues with kids and schooling. Math can be a great problem with kids and getting a math tutor during the summer can really improve results.This post is based on personal experience form a mother of two.

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