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Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Interior decorating doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being budget-friendly. When faced with the prospect of having to overhaul a bedroom, living space or office, your heart may sink when you hear about the prices. But don’t panic – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Blinds are actually one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-efficient ways to make a difference to your living or work space. Blinds are easy to clean, which is a major bonus, and they are visually appealing and simple.

They are able to completely control how much light you want coming in and out of the room, they accentuate window features and are the perfect way to provide you with some privacy.

Which Blinds Should you Choose?

There are loads of different styles of blinds for you to choose from, so it all really depends on the room, your budget, your personal style and taste, and the amount of light you want to be able to have in the room you are going to overhaul.

Some of the most popular are the Roman, Venetian and roller blind varieties. These are great for the kitchen window – you can roll them up completely to let in the light, or just half way up, and you can have them made in all sorts of brightly coloured material. Cleaning is simple too. For fabric-based ones, it’s a case of removing them and putting them in the washing machine, while slatted Venetian blinds can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth while still attached.

Light Filtering

But if you want to have something less personalised or would rather be able to have the choice of the filtered lighting effect, then the horizontal blind is for you. These you can adjust to give just gentle shadows and lighting from just about any direction, and they come in easy-to-clean materials like wood, bamboo, steel and natural products.

White blinds are nice as they already allow some filtered light in when they are closed and are a great colour choice for a small room that you want to open up and bring as much light into as possible.

Window Dressing

Natural wood blinds are also popular for functional window dressing; they add a lovely warm feel to any room and work great with just about any colour scheme or style. Additionally, there is the advantage that if you change your mood, your mind or your colour scheme, the blinds will continue to match perpetually.

Large Window Spaces

Vertical blinds are great for large window spaces and work well in offices that have huge glass areas. Panel blinds are also great for large window spaces and they won’t take up as much space as very the heavy draping and curtains that would otherwise be needed to control the light coming into such a large space.

Energy Efficiency

With the rising costs of energy, heating and cooling costs, it is more important than ever to have other ways of maintaining ambient indoor room temperatures. Blinds can be used to keep out the heat of the day and keep the warmth of the room in very effectively, and you won’t have to put a heater or an air conditioner on at all.

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