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Plantation Shutters vs Venetian Blinds

Interior designers and shade suppliers will present us with vast amount of choices when we deliberate window coverings. The options go on

Top 10 Plywood companies in india

Types of plywood in India Shuttering Plywood – Used in sturdy frameworks at construction sites. It is meant to take the load

Taking Care of Floors

Your floors add beauty and functionality to your home, so it’s important to care for them properly. Poorly maintained flooring isn’t just

How to Outfit Your Couch with Pillows that Match Your Design Style

Have you ever noticed how throw pillows can make a difference in the style of your couch? While the couch itself has its

Why modern curtains are so popular

Modern curtains may be one of the most popular styles for window coverings in the United States. This is one kind that

Climate concerns to be aware of before installing a laminate floor.

Once you have decided on installing laminate wood flooring in your home, it is important that you understand everything that goes into

Different Types Of Carpet materials & styles

Carpets are warm, soft and really comfortable. They will never let your feet freeze, while walking around your home. The insulating abilities

Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Interior decorating doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being budget-friendly. When faced with the prospect of having to overhaul a bedroom, living

Ethnic but Modern home décor ideas

Ethnic but Modern home décor ideas The Ethnic home decor is a good choice when you have a large, elegant home to

Household Maintenance by professionals

Time is Money and family is spending quality time with your loved ones. Which one would you prefer, spending more time or