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Top 10 Lighting Companies in India

Types of Lamp/Lighting Incandescent – light with a filament wire heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it. Power consumption

Induction lighting: – Save energy today, get more benefit tomorrow

“Energy” It is a very essential resource in our life. Energy saving is now becomes our primary duty and responsibility for a

LED Home Lighting

When planning to change the burnt out incandescent bulbs in homes, it should be remembered that today, choosing a new light is

Benefits of Using Ceiling Lights

Lighting is the most vital and essential part of any beautiful home. It is the only thing that can provide the perfect

Five things to consider before selecting LED Strip

LED strip lights have become very common in many homes in the contemporary world. This is because LED strip light is user

How lighting supplier offer reliable lighting services?

The question of finding reliable lighting services is always a tricky one as there are various lighting suppliers present in the market.

8 Ways To Shed Light On Your Home To Create A Fresh Look

You wake up- it’s Sunday morning. Your eyes unshutter to the graceful bounces of morning light. There might not be any coffee