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How to Choose the Right Dress to Impress?

Do you fancy pretty dresses but seem to be having a not-so-fun time picking the ones that flatter your body? You’ve probably experienced getting bewitched by a pretty dress on display then end up making an impulse purchase, thinking that you might not find anything as pretty, only to find out that it doesn’t suit you.  There are varied styles of dresses available in the market and there’s a piece suitable for everyone no matter what body shape, height, size, or complexion you have. Yes, choosing the right dress can be a nightmare especially when there are so many styles to choose from. Don’t think that you’re just not in luck or you have poor shopping skills when it comes to dresses. All it takes is a little logic when dressing your beautiful silhouette. Don’t prioritize the latest fashion trends over the right fit.

Choose the right fit first and trends can just be the icing on the cake. When it comes to looking good in a dress, it’s the fit that matters most. Women vary in body shape. We all have figure flaws but we can hide them and accentuate our body’s best features. Wearing a dress should make you feel comfortable and confident and not the other way around. So, know the tricks in dressing for your body type and you’ll be adding more dresses to your collection before you know it. Be guided by these simple guidelines and start dressing to impress.


Big Hips and Thighs

If you have big hips and thighs, you shouldn’t be wearing a mini dress. The hem of the dress shouldn’t be above the knee by more than one inch or two. To make your lower body look proportionate to your upper body, choose a halter top or plunging v-neck dress. A minimal A-line cut is perfect because will give balance to your full hips.

Thick Waist and Slim Arms

You need to shift the attention away from your waist. To do this, choose an empire or drop waist dress. A sleeveless shift dress is also a good option to hide your thick waist and flatter your sexy arms. If you want to use a belt, choose a skinny belt and avoid thick ones that will just emphasize the thickness of your waist.


Layering is key to dressing a super thin body. To add the illusion of additional pounds, partner your dress with a stylish blazer or cardigan. Choose long and flowy dresses instead of shorter ones to hide thin legs. To make your waist look fuller, add a thick belt.

Big Chest

An A-line dress with a hem line that falls one or two inches above the knee is suitable to draw the attention away from your big chest. Halter tops and V-necks are also good if you want to accentuate your full bust. Avoid too tight dresses and choose fabrics that are not skin-hugging.

Small Chest

The right dresses suitable for women with small bust are those with scoop necklines. Avoid plunging necklines and halter tops that will only emphasize your small chest.

Big Arms

To hide or balance the look of your big and flabby arms, use dresses with bell sleeves that are full length and avoid sleeveless and cap sleeves.


Dressing impressively doesn’t have to be struggle. You just have to know your body’s flaws to downplay and the best features to accentuate. Know the tricks in dressing for your body type and you can have the best time of your life shopping for dresses.



Jo Iris De Ramos  is a natural born artist. She believes that true fashion, as a form of art, comes out of pure passion. As a fashion blogger for Wholesale Clothing Factory, she keeps herself apprised of the latest trends in order to cultivate an inspiring and fun fashion and styling experience for her readers.

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