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How to choose the right tiles for your swimming pool

If you’ve just moved to a new place and you want not only your interior to look stunning but also your backyard and your garden, you’ve come to the right place. Taking care of your garden is a daily job and making mistakes while decorating it is not that big a deal. However, making mistakes while, for example, installing tiles for your swimming pool is a big deal. This is a job that has to be done only once and it should be done right. The beauty of this job is that you can do it yourself and make your swimming pool very creative and attractive at the same time. In the following text you will find 5 easy steps that will help you install swimming pool tiles yourself in no time. Besides making the swimming pool look breathtaking there is other stuff you can do to make your backyard an ideal place to be. A place where you will feel much less stressed, after spending only a few minutes there. It is recommended to have a fountain (a small one will do just fine, it doesn’t necessarily have to be big), because the sound of the water running is very relaxing. This way you can make something like an “oasis” right there in your backyard. You will never think about spending money on a spa treatment if you make your backyard a relaxing place to be in.

How to choose the right tiles for your swimming pool?

The most attractive swimming pool tiles are glass mosaic tiles. Glass has many more advantages besides being decorative. When glass gets wet it doesn’t become slippery, unlike some other materials like marble. Other than that, a million creative combinations can be made with small pieces of coloured glass. You can check out some of these interesting designs here.

5 easy steps on how to install swimming pool tiles yourself

  1. Getting the pool ready

Clean the inside of the pool completely and clean the area around the pool as well. Also, if you have some flowers planted very close to the swimming pool, try to remove them and plant them somewhere else, because they could cause some serious trouble to you in the future. Small dry leaves and flowers could get inside the pool and make your water dirty, and clearing them all the time could be irritating. Try not to have trees with fruit around the pool as well, because that could attract insects that will surely end up in your pool.

  1. Getting rid of excessive material and preparing the tiles for applying

Fill in the possible cracks in the pool before you start installing the tiles. The cement you should fill the cracks with will take about seven days to dry off so it can level out the floor and the walls of the pool. You should use hydraulic cement. After that comes the elastomeric membrane installment which you should install according to the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Clean all the tiles, the back side and the front side in order not to get dust.

  1. Installing the tiles

The adhesive mix for the tiles has to be mixed together with water at a 3 to 1 ratio. Mix it together until it becomes creamy, and then leave it to stand for 5 minutes. Stir it one last time and apply it immediately.

  1. Spreading the mixture

Spread the adhesive using a notched trowel; spread it evenly across the walls and floors of the pool. Place one sheet of tiles over the adhesive, and gently hammer the tiles using a rubber hammer. Then, apply the second sheet of tiles and follow the same procedure as before.

  1. Finishing touches

After installing all the tiles, leave them to dry for a couple of hours and then remove all the excessive waste (cement on the edges of the tiles, etc.). Wipe all tiles with a sponge to remove the possible dust that could have been made during the installment. Useful tip – clean your swimming pool thoroughly every 4-6 months.

To sum up, it is always good to do something creative for your home, so that you can spend some relaxing time there with your friends and family.

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