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Choosing Window Frame Materials To Add Practicality And Style To Your Home

Windows are a must have not only for ventilation and light but they also affect temperature and comfort in the long run. Windows are also important for style since larger windows allow vision of the outside world which is great when you have a breath taking view and moreover they give a spacious feel to the house. When installing new windows or replacing old one you will be boggled by the number of options available for window frames, understand all the materials available and choose one that is practical and stylish enough for your home and decor as some offer colour, some come in metallic while some the traditional look of wood.

  • Aluminium Frames

These are highly durable and strong but also light and easy to handle. They usually require no maintenance but can corrode due to salt in coastal areas. They conduct heat rapidly but that can be countered by an insulating plastic strip. These are the perfect option if you are going for a contemporary style home, aluminium windows coupled with sheer curtains or blinds along with a trendy canvas picture on the wall will provide the perfect modern look.

  • Composite Frames

These are expensive window frames but are low maintenance and also can give the look of timber for the indoors. They consist of timber which weather proofed thus is excellent for harsh climates. These windows are great if you want to highlight the architectural aspects with colours as they can easily be coloured from the outside which will not fade while they can also simply provide the gorgeous look of timbre. These are the modern window frames to go for due to superior aesthetics but come with a price tag.

  • Fibreglass Frames

These frames are strong and can take in load plus they are available in a wide variety of colours thus you can easily give your window frames a touch of blue to go with a blue rug or wall canvas, even from the outside some colour for window frames can bring out the style. These are also low on maintenance unless it’s painted upon, it’s best to choose a colour already available from manufacturing.

  • Wood Frames

Wood is a popular material, it looks great for indoors, it can be painted over but it’s not highly practical since it requires maintenance and can swell or shrink due to weather conditions thus will rot in time. They are good insulators thus if they are somewhat a favourite of yours then install them by a finishing of aluminium on vinyl.


Wood is an excellent material to provide a rich look and add texture in a room; it always has a classy touch it whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional decor. Incorporating wood is an excellent idea to hype a room’s decor and give a relaxing feel moreover its eco-friendly and everyone’s favourite. Here are some fabulous ideas for adding style using wood:

  • Wooden Windows

The best part about shades of wood are that they look great along with any colour thus without worrying about clashes with your wall colour wooden windows can work on any wall or room. Simple wooden frames, shutter windows or crafted solid windows are great ideas to go for. Choose a lighter shade of wood for a brighter room while a dark one for intimacy along with artistic canvas pictures to complete your look.

  • Wooden Flooring

Nothing is more contemporary then wooden flooring and any colour rug or type of furniture can be made to stand out on these superb looking floors. If you can afford it then real wooden flooring is a brilliant flooring otherwise laminated flooring can be used which will excellently and cheaply bring about the look of wooden floors. For an extra touch your flooring can be given a coat of sheen.

  • Wooden Accessories

Wall art can consist of gorgeously carved wooden accessories hung on the wall to be admired; you can always hunt for beautiful carvings which will make great additions to any decor. For further wooden accessory ideas a quality canvas printing or mirror can be given a thick wooden frame, a wooden folding door can be added to partition a room, wooden side tables can be used in the living room, a wooden jewellery box would be perfect for any dresser or simply wooden carved figurines can be placed on tables or shelves. You can always add a hint of personalisation by crafting your own wooden decorations.

  • Wooden Furniture

A natural look can easily be achieved by decorating a room using wooden furniture, especially if you are in the mood for a neutral coloured decor. Various wood types can be used for variety in a room complete of wood or single wooden item can be added to any room. You don’t have to worry about style as wooden beds, shelves and chairs etc. come in numerous modern designs or can easily be built however you want.

  • Wooden Panels

Adding panels to wall is a highly stylised technique and adding wooden panels can only add to the style. Cover up any small wall with panels in alternating shades or panels with wall in between, they can never look bad and are a safe investment.



Author Bio: Author is a style artist and works for photo printing websites and prints with also an interest in architecture; he writes articles on home improvement ideas.

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