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Choosing your blog post title

blog post title1.Do a search on Adword Keyword tool

Get your keyword ideas from Adword keyword tool.Once you have decided on the content to write, search for keyword what people are looking for rather than the great one you like. A blogger wants the article to be viewed by as many, so write what they want to read by using this awesome tool from Google .

2. Select post title with reasonable traffic

After doing a keyword search you will find a list of keywords with their traffic in different location.Choose keyword with a reasonable amount of traffic.Too low will not give you good traffic,too high will be highly competitive.Now most important is “Include the keyword in the post title”, but its not necessary for the title to start with the keyword.

3. Easy to remember

Choose a title which is easy to remember and recall.A post with simpler words and smaller in length will do the trick.

4. Choose Blog post title first then start writing content

Choose a blog title beforehand in order to make use of the keywords appear relevantly within the blog post.You may then control the keyword density properly.

 5.Keep the title short

Short titles are easy to remember and looks good and descriptive on a search result.Currently Google shows 70 characters for an seo title which should also include the name of your website.

6. Do a competition analysis

After selecting the keyword, run a search. If the top 10 or 20 rank comes from posts with High PR website then your chance of appearing in the first page is less.You should choose another keyword with a low competition to suit your post.

7. Select multiple phrases

Use 2-3 different keyword phrases out of your searched adword keyword tool.Besides putting one in post title which is your focus keyword also put 2-3 related phrases in Meta Description and content body. It enhances the chances of your post being visible out of multiple search queries.

8. Keep a reasonable keyword Density

When You choose a one word keyword the Keyword density is more.Ideally it should be below 4% of your total word count of the article.Beyond that  it is treated as keyword stuffing by search engines and your post get penalized in ranking. Sometime bloggers are not aware of this even if they have used keywords genuinely within their post.So choose a key phrase which is within the post title as well as its appearance is limited to a reasonable keyword density.

9. Do not Use special Characters

Avoid using special  characters *@#$%! etc. They are meaningless in a post title and more importantly no one does a search query on these.


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