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Color Wheel for Decorating your room

color wheel for decoratingBeauty of Colors

Colors speak a thousand words. Every color has its own language and can present or enhance a certain mood. Color coordination means that the colors in your room should work beautifully together. They should look harmonious and create a feeling as either color are blending together or are different from each other but work together well and create a pleasing effect. Getting the colors that work well with each other is a task quite difficult to achieve in the very first time. With hit and trial and with experience there comes a time when you start getting the things right. Wall hangings and beautiful canvas prints can also help in creating the overall effect.

The color Wheel

The best way to see color coordination, without actually putting the colors in the room setup in real life, can be done by using the color wheel. We can even create a small board of sample fabrics, paint cards or wall papers to check out if they all work together before making the investment and actually trying out the colors in practical. The color wheel of 12 segments is divided into primary colors including: red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors including: green, orange and purple. The territory colors are made by mixing primary colors with secondary ones.

Color Wheel for Decorating

When using a color wheel for decorating and choosing a color scheme for your room you can:

–          Create a color scheme by using just one segment of the wheel. In this case the colors will co-ordinate and will appear as if blending from one to the other in such a way that the eye can easily move over the colors as if seeing one color.

As an example you can use the same blue color from floor to the walls including furniture etc. Canvas pictures used can also be of the same color scheme. You can create visual interest in the scheme by using lighter and darker tones. The change of tones will create a variety in the scheme but it will still look  beautiful.


–          You can also create a color scheme by choosing two or three colors from the color wheel which are next to each other. They also look like blending colors and look coordinated. As an example take green, yellow-green and yellow color scheme from walls to floor. Match fabrics with this color and use it on furniture also. All these colors will look well-coordinated and happy together.


–          You can also choose colors equally apart on the color and still create a harmony. You can use colors that are opposite to each other on the wheel or colors that are equally apart on the wheel.

Creating the Harmony

The actual point is to create something soothing to the eye and pleasant to see. Always remember the point that whichever options you choose on the wheel use it with neutral colors in your room. Beautiful print of canvas as well as different patterns on fabric and lamp shades with the color scheme chosen can bring the overall beautiful look.

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