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Common Laptop Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Like any other electrical device, certain technical problems can affect the performance of your laptop too. In what follows, readers will be familiarized with some such common laptop-related issues.

While using any appliance/gadget, you should be aware of all the things that can probably go wrong with it – and laptops are no exceptions to this general rule. That would help you in taking the necessary precautions and/or in availing of the correct troubleshooting services. Given below are some of the most common laptop problems that you might face:

  • Poor battery back-up – Does your laptop get switched off within a few minutes, when it is being operated on battery? If yes, the laptop battery probably needs to be replaced. When you are looking for the best laptop deals in India, select a model that offers excellent battery back-up options.
  • The charger does not work – Make sure that the electrical point from which you charge your laptop is not faulty. Store the charger in a padded bag/pouch, when it is not being used. Frays and tears in the laptop charger can lead to serious shocks.
  • Dimmed display – Over time, the LCD screen of your laptop might start to develop snags. The brightness might go down significantly, and the content displayed can appear to be blurred. If you are facing any such problem, get in touch with a professional hardware expert, and get the problem resolved.
  • The laptop becomes ‘too slow’ – Have you loaded a bunch of unnecessary programs and games on your laptop? If yes, the processor speed of the device is likely to go down pretty soon. You can defragment the hard disk drives, to get more memory space on the laptop for your stuff. Regularly delete all temporary internet files. Do not overload your laptop with too many software files.
  • The USB port(s) don’t work – Keep the USB ports of the laptop clean, to make sure that they remain functional for long. If dust is allowed to accumulate in these ports and connection points, they can stop working properly.
  • Sticky, inactive keypads – If you are in the habit of eating/drinking while typing on your laptop, the keyboard is likely to get sticky. As a result, they might either stop functioning, or can remain pressed (resulting in the same letter(s) being continuously typed). Such problems can be resolved by buying and fitting in replacement keys. Make sure that these keys match the model of your keyboard.
  • Virus attacks – Scan every external device, after you plug it on with your laptop. If the virus database on your machine has become outdated, renew it, or install a new anti-virus application. If a serious virus attack has already happened, you will probably need to format your laptop.
  • The laptop gets heated up too soon – If the bottom surface of your laptop gets heated up within a few minutes of switching it on, there are definite problems with the cooling fans. The motherboard might also have been adversely affected. Get the laptop inspected, and replace/repair the parts that are not working properly.
  • Accidental falls – The cover/body of the laptop might break/get scratched, if it accidentally slips to the floor. While searching for the best laptop deals in India, choose a model that has high shock-absorption properties. Of course, if the fall had been a really hard one, the laptop might get permanently damaged.

Keep your pets away from your laptop. Organize the cables and wires attached to the device properly. Don’t try to repair the laptop on your own, if you detect any of the above problems. Professionals will be able to provide much better troubleshooting service – so that you can keep using the laptop for many more years.

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