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Cooling Load: How to determine how much cooling your home needs

When it comes to cooling your home you need to know how much it requires keeping your home comfortable and cozy at all times. There are a few ways you can do that. Determining your cooling load is one of those. This is easily done when you work with your HVAC contractor and ask a few questions about your home. Be sure to check these out and consider these factors when replacing your current air conditioning system.


Consider the efficiency of the new system you are installing. Having a unit that can easily cool your home without a huge energy drain is important. This not only helps you to conserve energy and go green, it also helps you to reduce your monthly power bills. You want to make sure the system you install is the perfect size for your home or location. If not you are paying to cool a much larger location and could be throwing money right out the door.

Is bigger really better?

Not always when it comes to AC systems. If your unit is too large it will not properly regulate the moisture in your home. When this happens it can cause a multitude of problems. From health issues to mold growth, moisture is a big issue when it comes to it hanging out in your home. Your HVAC contractor can properly measure your home and calculate your cooling load to efficiently cool your home and get you the right size unit.


Consider zoning when it comes to your new AC system. If you have never heard of that before, it is time you did. The zoning system enables you to cool each zone of your home differently for different uses. For example, if you have an office in your home you use during the day, there is no sense in cooling the entire home. You can choose to have the office cooler during the day and turn off that zone at night. You can cater the zones to what you want them to be. Your bedrooms can be cooler at night than during the day. Only cool the living room on the weekends when you would use it most. All these are options when you install this type of system in your home.

Be sure to work with a certified and licensed contractor that can properly calculate your cooling load for you. They can come into your location and better suggest a proper sized unit for your home and get you cooling in no time. Remember that you want to do your research and find a contractor that has experience in this type of situation. Ask about zoning your system so you can control what areas are cool and which do not have to be. You will be glad you did when you realize your power bills are easily managed and your home is the perfect temperature at all times.

Michael Whittaker is not related to Roger Whittaker but has worked with HVAC companies across the US keeping people like Roger cool at all times. He has installed AC for large auditoriums and other public places.

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