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Creative Ways To Optimize Your Home Office

Your desk can be your enemy

You have to spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, day in day out, staring into your monitor. You do not even notice that if you do not have good posture or if your home workspace is not neatly optimized you will actually hurt your body. It is possible to get serious injuries by just sitting and working at your desk, your muscles tense up, causing stress on your body.
If your body is sore from every day work, it is perhaps time for a change. Rearranging and changing your workspace can be fun and a pleasant way to refresh your work energy.

Show that chair who is the boss

Obviously, you will spend a lot of time sitting in your home computer chairs, having a comfortable and a well cushioned chair is only natural. If you need to spend many hours in front of your desk, at least make it enjoyable for your body.
Many of people who work at a desk, repetitive strain injuries are not uncommon. One of the reasons for that is not having a proper armrest on your chair. It should be leveled so that you can rest while typing passively. This way, you will ensure that your arms are not strained too much, also, by not straining your arms you can relax your back.
Your chair should have good back support as well, do not go for the cheaper chairs. Your back needs proper support, something that will keep your spine intact, and not making it bend ways it was never meant to.

Your desk is not a battle zone

Probably most of us have a bad set up of the keyboard and the mouse. We try to separate them, but instead we should keep the mouse close to the keyboard so that you can focus on what you are doing, and not looking for the right key. Make sure that your input devices are placed that you do not strain your wrists too much when typing.
Where your monitor sits on your desk is also important. It is vital to keep them at eye level so that you can keep your spine and body in a normal posture that will not strain it too much. You must also account for glare as it can be quite irritating.

Posture is crucial

When you finally set up your workspace in a manner that will suit your every need, without putting too much stress on your body, it is time to optimize how you sit as well. They suggest that you should always sit upright; however, this is questionable as you put the most stress on your spine that way. Try to find a good combination between a comfortable and a healthy way to sit at your desk.
On the other hand, standing desks are also possible. Some prefer to stand when they are working, which is also fine. Just remember, that you should set it up in a manner that the monitor is at eye level and that you can rest your arms when you are typing, without putting too much strain on your wrists.

Too much can hurt

Another good way to optimize your workspace and how you have set it up is to take frequent breaks. Whenever you feel your muscles are tensing up or if your eyes are hurting, it is time for a quick few minute break.
The best would be if you could take breaks every hour or so, maybe do a few stretching exercises and continue your work.

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