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Curtains for bay windows

Lots of people think putting curtains up at bay windows is a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be. I have lots of bay windows in my home and change the window dressings often.  As you can imagine, I have lots of experience measuring them and hanging them up – but don’t worry, if you’re not as experienced, there are lots of guides on the internet.  You’ll be able to find a decent guide on how to hang windows up at bay windows within a couple of Google searches.

Bay windows tend to take up a lot of room in the home and this is the reason why they’re such a focal point – make a fuss over them and make sure they look presentable at all times. Dressing your bay windows is important to make sure your home looks complete – don’t just shove any old pair of curtains up at bay windows.

My advice when it comes to finding curtains for your bay windows is to make sure that they’re not too jazzy – if they’re too patterned you’ll notice that they will overpower the look of the room. Be sure to get all the optional extras like net curtains and ties backs as well. Net curtains are a great addition to any bay window because they help to give you an extra added privacy.

A lot of people brand net curtains are being slightly ‘old fashioned’ but the right design can look gorgeous. They come in a variety of different designs that will be suitable for either a modern home or a traditional home. If you’re opting for a traditional look then there are a variety of floral designs that will suit the décor. If your home is modern, it’s a good idea to opt for a simple design. My top tip when dressing your windows is to always buy your curtains first and then buy your net curtains to match them – this is the easiest way round to do it.

In winter, try to choose a curtain for your bay windows that are quite thick – this will help to keep your home warmer as it’s insulating and you’ll find that it can actually reduce your energy bills. In the summer, I have light curtains to get plenty of ventilation into my home.

At the moment, I have some gorgeous green silk curtains that reach all the way to the floor. Green is very fashionable at and you’re sure to have seen it plastered all over interior design magazines. It’s a really fresh colour so is perfect for the summer.

I have some white net curtains up too which give it a really fresh look – they have a delicate floral pattern on them to give my windows a summery feel.

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