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Cycling towards a better health


cycling towards better health
cycling towards better health

This article provides the health benefits of cycling.

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine”.

–       John Howard.

Cycling is not only one of the best and efficient locomotion options, it is equally beneficial to a person’s health. Indeed, cycling regularly to work is one of the most effective things a person can do to improve health and increase longevity. Cyclists have a level of fitness that is equivalent to being 10 years younger. Let’s look the benefits of cycling in details:

  • Losing weight in the saddle goes easy on you– While running is no doubt an effective way of losing weight, it is not very kind to you (especially if you have a big body). When you run the weight of your body crashing through your body when your feet strikes the ground, thus fatiguing you tremendously. With cycling, on the other hand, most of the weight is taken by the saddle. So you don’t become fatigued or breathless as much as when running.


  • Less intake of pollution– You may think that a cyclist is more prone to breathing in the dust and pollution of the environment. But a study at the Imperial College London has proved something quite contrary. The study found that passengers in taxis, buses and cars inhale substantially more pollution than did pedestrians or cyclists (hard to believe but true!!!). This is because cyclists mostly ride at the edge of the road, unlike drivers who are directly in the line of exhaust fumes.


  • Make creative breakthroughs– Exercises, including cycling, helps people solve mental blocks and make decisions. This is because of the flow of oxygen to the grey matter that sparks your neurons and helps solving metal blocks.


  • Cycling can make you look younger–   Exercises, including cycling, increases blood circulation and delivers nutrients and oxygen to skin cells more effectively and flush out harmful toxins. It also promotes collagen production that helps in the reduction of wrinkles and also speeds of healing process.


  • Help fight diseases– Those who cycle regularly are at lower risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and obesity. The body becomes more able to defend itself (as the immune system boosts up) and regenerate new cells.


  • A better sex life- According to health experts in the US, being more visually active improves your vascular health, which, in turn, has an effect on boosting your sex drive. A research carried out by Harvard University found that men, aged over 50 years, who cycle a minimum for 3 hours a week are at a 30% lower risk of impotence than those who do not do exercise (or do little).


  • Keep heart diseases at bay– Regular cycling has the potential of cutting down of risk of heart disease by 50%.


So if you have made your mind to take up cycling as a better alternative and intend to buy a cycle for yourself, head towards the dealership of your locality. Study online about the different types of bikes available and choose the one that will suit your purpose and fitness. Leader bikes or focus bikes can be good option.

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