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What about those damp, musty smells?

Our homes are our sanctuaries. However, not always are we able to maintain the Zen inside. Take the example of moisture indoors. You can find them in pretty much any enclosed space, be it wardrobes, closets, shoeracks, lofts, under-the-sink areas and more. This is very much an unspoken problem that we live with. It shows up in the form of damp and musty smells; damage to precious belongings like leather/fabric and even allergies. The World Health Organization  (WHO) says that there is a strong correlation between high moisture levels and incidences of allergies. People either periodically clean the house trying to get rid of the damage caused by moisture or simply get rid of the damaged articles. But most people feel hapless when it comes to issues like dampness and moisture indoors. So, how do you deal with it and its nasty effects?

There is no need to worry, there are many angles of solutions that are easily available and quite simple to use. Before getting in to details about solutions, here are some precautions you can do to safeguard your home.

  • Keep your home ventilated, even if you get one or two hours a day, open a few windows and let some fresh air flow through the house.
  • Fix plumbing and water leaks through the walls as quickly as possible. Languishing problems like these are big and worrisome sources of wetness indoors.
  • Do not leave wet articles to stay inside, promptly dry them. For example, partially dried clothes are a great source of moisture that can seriously stink up your wardrobe and other fresh clothes.
  • Darkness and dampness are particularly enticing to pests, including cockroaches. Don’t let this dirty duo invade your home. Allow sunlight through as much as possible.

The power of prevention

If you have lost your favourite wallet or jacket to fungus and mould infestation, you will appreciate the need to maintain a healthy storage environment for your belonging in the house. Don’t allow moisture to linger in enclosed storage spaces. Wallets, handbags, purses, dresses, belts, photos, CDs and lot more items are very easily susceptible to the formation of mould on them. If you ever wondered what those tiny yellow/green dots on your black dress are, they are mildew and highly undesirable.

Damp and musty smells are a common nuisance in homes. Moisture promotes the growth of foul-odour causing bacteria and microbes. Addressing and controlling high levels of stagnant moisture in enclosed spaces is a completely new way to solve many odour problems in these areas – from the inside out.

Now products are available in the market that specifically and effectively target these issues and at very affordable prices. One such product is called Cactus moisture absorber, which is designed specifically to address these myriad of problems caused by moisture in enclosed spaces indoors. It is available in three variants that fit almost any enclosed space in your house and currently available in retail outlets in Bangalore. Use them in small storage spaces like drawers or shoe racks or even in wardrobes and closets. They effectively prevent the formation of fungus and mould and eliminate foul odours caused by moisture. While dampness is amplified during rainy seasons, these problems are perennial in nature since trapped moisture stays indoors. You can learn more about this company and products at This is a company located in Bangalore and currently selling through retail outlets in Bangalore and also shipping pan-India. These innovative products capture moisture and convert them into liquid or in to a gel depending on the area of application. These are eco-friendly formulations and not toxic.

For the larger moisture and dampness problems, try to isolate the source of dampness. In many cases, a broken or a leaky pipe running through your walls is the cause. If the moisture is not a simple superficial problem, seek the help of professionals. Waterproofing agencies are plenty in number and there are good products that can help to address moisture problems that penetrate the walls.

If you have a loved one at home who suffers from allergies and or asthma, you would do well to invest in a dehumidifier/air purifier. One of the ways to manage health with these problems is to know the triggers of allergic reactions and remove them. While a dehumidifier may cost more than INR 20,000, it is worth at least for the bed room during sleep.

The author Rajesh Krishnan, is the co-founder of PerfectHome Solutions Enterprises LLP, based out of Bangalore. 

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