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Dealing with Common Kitchen Sink Drain Problems

Given how often you use your kitchen sink and how it is constantly exposed to different types of wastes, you shouldn’t be surprised if you experience having problems with the drain. Even if you are careful in cleaning up and trying to clear the sink of any scraps that could clog the drain, you can’t really be sure that it won’t have any problems.

A lot of kitchen sink drain problems are fairly easy to repair. If it’s a problem found in the parts just below the bowl, you have a lot of options in trying to dismantle, fix, and put it back together. You can also clean up these parts on your own easily. However, if the problem originates further down, it is best to hire a professional to locate and fix the issue. Although drain problems can be a headache, always remember that they can be fixed either by you or by a professional.


Slow-Draining Kitchen Sink

It shouldn’t take more than half a minute for your sink bowl to clear up and for the wastewater to go down the drain. If you notice that it takes a while for your sink to drain, there must be something wrong with some of the parts under the sink. If you don’t attend to this immediately, it can cause a major blockage in your sink, and water might not be able to move down at all. It is easy to troubleshoot this problem, and most of the time, you can repair on your own.

First, check the trap that’s right under the sink. Solid wastes lodged in the trap is the usual culprit for slow draining kitchen sinks. You can simply remove the trap and take out the clog yourself. If it isn’t located in the trap, it could be somewhere else down the drain. You could try pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to try and clear the clog. If this still doesn’t work, you may have to call a plumbers to check where the problem lies in your system.


Gurgling Kitchen Sink Drains

Hearing a weird gurgling sound when you are using your kitchen sink is normal when it is draining. This means the water that has passed through the trap is pushed out by water coming from the vents, and when the water passes through the air vents, a vacuum is replaced by the air coming in and continues to carry the water to the main drain system. On the sink, air can also enter the drain as the water slowly goes down, causing the gurgling sound. This is normal and signifies that your drain and vent systems are working fine.

However, if your sink starts gurgling even when you don’t use it, you might want to check the other fixtures of your home. If you notice that your kitchen drain starts gurgling when you flush a toilet or when a sink drains in other rooms of your house, there is probably a problem down the line of your home’s drain system. You can try and clear the pipes on your own, but if it still doesn’t work, the problem could be in your vents system.

The vents outside of your home can be blocked, preventing air from going into the pipes and allowing wastewater to move out into the sewage system. For this, you might want to check the roof of your home to see if any solid objectis blocking the vents. Use a high-pressure hose to clean it up and clear the vents. Make sure these sediments are removed so that air can freely enter the system and let water through the pipes easily.



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