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Different Types Of Carpet materials & styles

Carpets are warm, soft and really comfortable. They will never let your feet freeze, while walking around your home. The insulating abilities of carpets help you create quieter and cosier atmosphere in your home. They reduce the noise of walking on the floor and make it much safer. Especially if you have children, carpets provide a stable flooring surface, which prevents them from slipping. It is very important for families with a baby or toddlers. Also, it is a very functional and efficient way to reduce your electricity bills, since carpets tend to keep the rooms warm. Moreover, carpets actually contribute to the overall cleanliness of your home. In areas where the floor is covered with carpets, dusting in the air is significantly less. They can be cleaned with an ordinary vacuum cleaner and in comparison with the other types of floorings, carpets are perhaps the most stylish solution. Today you can choose among a variety of different styles, materials and colours.

Types of carpet materials

Types Of Carpet materials & styles


Wool is the oldest carpet material, known for centuries. It is extremely durable and gives the carpet a deep and rich look. Unfortunately, in terms of maintaining woolen carpets tend to hold static electricity and are a bit difficult for cleaning. Wool fiber can be characterized by its flexibility and ability to recover immediately after bing pressed. Today woolen carpets are in fact a very successful combination of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers, which makes them more comfortable and durable.


Polypropylene is a bit more affordable material than wool. Colours of the polypropylene carpets are fixed during their production, which means that they are more resistant to contamination. These carpets have to be cleaned with stronger detergents. Also, they are a perfect solution for people suffering from allergies.

Leather carpets

Well, it is not the best interior solution for vegetarians, but this is a fashion trend, which can be a great addition to your leather furniture. The biggest manufacturers in this industry are Latin America and more particularly Argentina and Brazil. The leading leather designers, like AZZARO and Guy Laroche have developed their own unique ideas and creative combinations between calf leather and the famous New Zealand wool.

Acrylic carpets

Acrylic carpets are the latest fashion. They are very similar to the woolen one. The main differences between the two types of materials is that acrylic carpets are more resistant to mold and moister and their price is quite more affordable. They are soft and provide comfort for you and your family. Acrylic fibers just like wool are very flexible and can recover their shape after pressure. They are pretty resistant to stains and unlike wool they do not hold static electricity. Unfortunately these type of carpets can be used mainly for home decoration, since they are not quite durable.

In short, if you have planned buying a new carpet, you will have to take into account a lot of things. At first sight they may seem quite insignificant, but in fact each of them is a essential part of making the right choice.

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