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Digital Cameras – Know Some of its Basics for Better Usage

Unlike the videotape cameras, a digital camera is an ideal gadget that stores all captured images as electronic data using some electronic sensor. This digital device is multi functional which could be used for both capturing still images as well as a video recording device without being worried about the film roll. From the time of its invention, it pushed out the traditional cameras from several business market places. Now-a-days this device is being used various other electronic devices like PDAs, Tablets, cell phones, etc,. In this article you will find several basic information that you must be aware of, if you want use the digital camera in its full utility.


Some basic information that you must be aware of:


1). Resolution Factor: This is the main factor that you should know in the digital camera which is measured in pixels. If your digital camera has high number of pixels then the image it captured will be of high quality or else the image would be grainy or blurry.

Usually most of the manufacturers offer digital cameras that have 8.0 mega pixel or more than that.  Now-a-days there are digital cameras that consist of 12 mega pixel to 20 mega pixel which could help you in enlarging the image as you wish. So if you like to enlarge the images in large quantity then it is quite advisable that you buy camera that has 20 mega pixels.


2). The screen of the digital camera: Generally, all the digital cameras comes with the LCD screen, but the only thing that you want to check is that whether you digital camera has the screen size of 2 inches atleast. This will give you a clear image of your precious movements.


3). Type of lens: Usually the lens of digital camera comes with two types of zoom features say like digital and optical. With the digital zoom feature the image would be little fuzzy since this zooming relays on the magnification of the digital image, whereas the optical zooming feature depends upon the lens magnification and hence provides you a clear image facility. So my piece of advice is that you check on the digital camera house for camera that has an auto focus and auto image stabilization features.


4). Type of the digital camera: Generally, most of the digital camera that are in today’s market are point and shoot types which have a resolution of 2 to 4 mega pixels. This will be best suited for people who are not aware of any technical terms. The next type would be semi professional cameras which is an advanced version of the previous one and has a resolution of 5 to 6 mega pixels. If you are a creative person who wants to perform various activities using your digital camera with little knowledge about several technical terms then better select the semi professional one. The next type would the Digital SLR camera which could be suit a professional photographer which has the resolution above 6 mega pixel as well as several creative control features too.


These are some of the basic things that you should know about your digital camera, so that you could use your digital camera with maximum utility features.

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