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Do you actually need a Tablet ?

tabletA revolution in terms of technology, this category of electronic device just came into being 3 years ago. Today as a must have

tablets are selling as hot cakes.

Many are gripped by the tablet craze and everyone seems to want one of these toys. But, many of us are confused as to what Tablet really is and why has it suddenly become necessary for everyone to buy one.

It’s time we answer all these questions for you.

Things you can do
Tablet has a restricted use. So, if you are someone who leads a 9 to 5 working weekday life, have access to a PC at all times and have a smartphone that does half of your job then you will definitely wonder what use tablet has for you.

Tablet is strictly for people who are too attached to large screens and have a never-ending affair with easy to use keyboards.

It will allow you to send email, chat with friends, type a quick note but tablet is mainly an entertainment device. You can watching movies, listen to music, browse the net, use some really good apps, watch a YouTube video and catch up on some news while on the move. If you don’t want to compromise on entertainment then Tablet is that perfect device you can carry at all times.

The right display
People for whom the screen size matters, this section is just for them. What is the right screen size for tablet is the prime question? While some vouch for the portable 7-inch screen, some might disapprove tablets for the small screen size it offers.

Always remember that the prime component of any tablet is – The screen! The category is broadly divided into two sizes, 7-inches and 10-inches. While the 7-inch category offers the exact size, there seems to be variation when it comes to the 10-inch category. The iPad 2 and New iPad has a 9.7-inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 and Asus and many more models offer a 10.1-inch display size.

The 7-inch options provide better portability and weight advantage but 10-inch category is amazing on web access, multimedia and gaming experience.

The choice is yours. See what screen size suits you best and do remember that the tablet is something you will be carrying with you at all times.

The resolution bit
Resolution has lately become a huge factor, thanks to the new Apple iPad which has dramatically changed the pixel, resolution game. Every user wishes to have a tablet that offers crystal clear display after all the actual experience of a tablet is felt through its screen.

Higher the resolution, more the pixel. Type of the screen is also a vital feature. Not only Apple, even the likes of Asus feature Super IPS Mode. However, the quality of image has a direct effect on the battery drainage. Sharper the image more is the battery utilization. User needs to keep in mind this aspect as well.

Storage space
If you are a movie lover then the storage space is very important. At present, most high-end tablets come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options, this being the maximum. This might come as a hindrance in a tablet after you have stocked it with all your favorite music, movies and sitcoms. The expandable memory slot available in most tablets is helpful, but not all devices have this feature. It is a heart breaker indeed.

Operating System and Apps
The biggest charm and the core of a Tablet is its Operating System (OS). With an OS comes the very interesting list of high-end apps that are restricted to run only on a particular OS. A prerequisite of an operating system is that it has to be user-friendly. Some people just buy a tablet for fad or just to access a couple of apps. Apples iOS however is way ahead in the apps race with Google’s Android catching up. Both Blackberry and Windows have also upped their game lately. You can buy these tablets online from Croma. Click here.

Ways to stay connected
Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+ 3G are the connectivity options available in most tablets. Wi-Fi however requires a Wi-Fi hotspot to access web content. For the 3G one, there is essentially a SIM card slot. It also allows you to access data on an EDGE/3G network when a Wi-Fi is unavailable. It is advisable to go for a Wi-Fi + 3G tablet.

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