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Eco-friendly Online Marketing

For a company to be successful, it’s crucial for the PR department to know how to present itself. The first impression is a precondition for any kind of progress. No matter what a company does, it cannot survive unless it has a smart, intuitive and fully developed marketing campaign. Also, it’s important not to stop with promotions because when promotions stop – the business stops with it. Constant investing in marketing strategies is extremely cost-effective. It’s simple really – if more people know what you do, more people will be interested in the things you have to offer.

The importance of marketing is clear today – that can be measured by the number of marketing companies looking for a job. But, newly-created businesses often don’t need an establishment in the form of a building because today, everything can be done online. The development of e-mail marketing and other forms of online promotions has increased dramatically lately. On almost every page that represents a company is a pop-up that allows you to check a box if you want to start receiving their newsletter where you can expect to see contact information or the latest offers and sales. If the dream of every marketing executive comes to life, your inbox will be overflowing with newsletters every minute of every day.

There’s a branch in psychology dedicated to studying the development of online marketing, so it can become maximally effective – common rules about writing newsletters that can draw your attention and keep it. Lots of different fonts and colors are used and that’s not just to be colorful. Highlights are used to make the most important information easy to remember. That’s where you’ll probably find a catchy phrase, a discount you can only get if you click on the highlighted link in next couple of hours or days, and a couple of things about the company’s information. Also, it’s better to avoid long newsletters when you’re writing one because they’re not effective enough. It’s a fact that customers like short, fast and clear e-mails, with exact information that has easy pointers.

Often, newsletter e-mails have components like images, audio and video links. Those aren’t only benefits of online marketing. It’s a lot simpler and more cost effective to have your advertisement posted online. Sending e-mails is definitely much cheaper than printing flyers and walking for hours to pass them around. Look just for a second form the aspect of one customer – it’s faster and less complicated to open an e-mail while drinking a morning cup of coffee than to take and read flyers that usually end up in first trashcan that appears. Why is that happening? Because companies that want to print and hand out flyers don’t know who will be actually interested in what they’re selling, so they hand them out to everyone. When a person checks a box that will enable receiving daily or weekly newsletters, it means that he or she is really interested. It’s obviously much easier for companies that use online marketing to find their target group.

One thing that made people have a small patience filter when it comes to online marketing is constant pop-ups and fraud links. The beginning of email marketing was bulletproof, until everyone started abusing it. A large amount of links is misleading and useless. Unfortunately, that made online advertisements less popular. But, if you write all the cons and pros for the internet on one side and other media marketing on the other, internet advertisements definitely win. The answer is simple – the coverage and speed internet marketing provides cannot even measure with what other types of media can offer. There’s no other medium that will enable information to travel as fast as e-mails.

So, while we’re all trying to get rid of spam and misleading links, the possibilities are expanding and opening new options. Every day, an online marketing campaign is successful because each and every day, there’s useful information you can get thanks to tools and programs that allow you to check how good your marketing methods are. This opens up the option to fix everything that’s gone wrong by posting a few inquiries that your customers can answer to, that’ll help you find out how they’ve found out about your web site and how much they like it, as well as what they want to be changed – what they like exactly.

It’s been made far easier, promoting a brand online – far easier than arranging your commercials via other mediums. But, the fact is that other mediums combined with online marketing can be really useful if the stuff you’re handing out is useful and not just papers with letters on them. You need to impress your target group with something witty, funny and creative that can be useful, too. The object you’ll be handing out should be something that a person needs every day. What better fulfills these criteria than pens?

  • Everybody can use them
  • There’s a necessity for them every day
  • There’s enough place for creativity
  • They can be eco-friendly
  • It’s not an expensive investment
  • Easy to transfer

How is all that possible? The target group is clear, at least – everybody. There’s not just one generation that needs pens because everybody’s demanding them constantly. Next, there’s no limit to the creativity you can apply. Pens can have absolutely anything written on them – your e-mail, your advertisement, an image, something wise or something funny. The best thing is that you don’t have to do them all with just one image or one joke – if you make them look different, you’ll cover more audiences, using different approaches.

One other important thing you can do for your company, and for the whole humankind, is to make them eco-friendly. If you pick those made out of fine plastic, you’ll make your business get a whole other dimension in the eyes of your customers. Encouraging the care for our planet will be viewed as absolutely positive. If you take a look to where a longer path leads, you’ll be able to see how much advertising your company got and the other thing that’ll make you feel just as good – the eco-friendly chain-effect that your company started. There are no frauds – everything else you need is right here.

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