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Essential Tips to Curate your Facebook Life


Leveraging the social media for business needs is no longer a new concept. Whether it’s a local bakery or a multinational corporation, everyone has jumped on to the social media bandwagon. And why would they not? Interacting with customers, responding to their queries or resolving their issues has never been simpler. Today businesses use sites like Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare to engage with their consumers. To get the most out of your FaceBook page, it is very important that you post on a regular basis.

And yet, tech surveys tell us that only a small percentage of Fans actually see your business page. Now the question is how do you increase those numbers? The answer lies in curating content on your Facebook page. When you curate content you can not only engage with your Fans but also drive traffic to your page and generate leads, and ultimately increase your brand’s visibility.

What content can you curate on your Facebook page?

  • Photos: this is one of the easiest methods of adding visual content on to your business page. Check out sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr; once you see what photos you like there, you can share them on your business page. Of course, you will need to make sure that they are also relevant to your business, and not just pretty pictures! You could also interact with your Fans by browsing thru photos they upload with hashtags.
  • Videos:  you could also curate video content. Search for videos using the appropriate keywords and filter the results. You could try using your own product names or brand name. for example if your business is connected to the travel industry you could look for travel videos that would interest your clients. They will be happy to get travel tips and you could end up making more sales. You could browse through YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Blogs and Articles: take a look at the blogs and articles on the web. Look for those related to your industry, and would be of interest to your customers. If you are in the food industry you could look for articles on health food, benefits of certain foods, or even interesting recipes. This way you will be consistent with your brand image and be able to offer your customers a lot more than just your products.
  • Live events: you could also curate live events like podcasts or webinars that are related to your business. This will definitely be appreciated by your consumers as it will give them a chance to participate in an informative and interactive session.
  • Own content: let’s face it; social media is all about unabashed promotion of oneself. So why be any different when it comes to your business page? You create it for brand promotion after all. You can offer exclusive previews of your new products or services, create fun contests, and more. Make sure that you include stuff like newsletters, guides, press releases and any other communication.

Creating a Facebook page with helpful curated content is an important step for the online entrepreneur in today’s world. It is vital that you are aware when your audience is most likely to be accessing your social network accounts. Industry experts feel that the best time to interact with your Facebook fans is between 12 and 7 pm.

It is also equally important to know and understand your audience. Try to recognize where their interests lie and what they would be interested in seeing.

For all of these reasons, you need to take enough time to curate your business page on Facebook. Ensure that your curated content is of good quality, and that it’s creative. You can be sure then, that your page will be noticed.


Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Nation’s Lowest All-Digital Price Provider. website

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