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Ethnic but Modern home décor ideas

Ethnic but Modern home décor ideas

The Ethnic home decor is a good choice when you have a large, elegant home to serve as the backdrop. Hallmarks of the traditional decor include 18th and 19th century French and English antiques in warm, dark woods. The home should also have a refined look, achieved through small details such as chair railings, moldings, ornate fireplaces,wood floors and French doors.

However the contemporary home decor features a minimalist, sleek design that creates a large, open feel to the space. These spaces usually are painted in pure white, highlighted by bold or bright colors. Furniture pieces tend to be utilitarian in nature, have natural materials and unconventional shapes with lots of curves. The home is accented with almost invisible lighting and bold pieces such as large bright floral arrangements.

Ethnic | contemporary alternatives for your space


Wall decor

Wall art is an effective way to decorate your home and to bring out colours from your furnishings.Wall art can be in the form of a painting,wooden wall decor,or even mirror with a beautiful carved frame, engraved frames vintage finish clocks etc.

Hang a pair of floating shelves at staggering angles on a blank wall and fill them with various frames and pretty china patterns. To make the display pop, paint the shelves a contrasting color.


Knick knacks

Setting small metal curios , decoratives, terracotta miniature pots, and porcelain figurines around your home give it a decorative look that expresses your personal taste. Creating visual flow in your home by exhibiting décor in the main color and accent colors will give your living area a balanced look.

Curios and artifacts

Curios and artifacts like Tribal crafts,pottery  and wooden handicrafts would be an excellent choice to recreate a conventional indian look to your space. Indian tribal craft is an astounding section in modern Indian times, which slowly has taken in a cosmopolitan appearance. The final get-up that such tribal crafts receive to adorn and deck sophisticated Indian city homes, can perhaps only be described after a thorough admiration. Indian tribal crafts are available in every area of decoration and embellishment, with numerous irresistible choices, heightening one`s urge to buy tribal goods

Utilitarian home décor

Utilitarian home décor,thats a smart alternative.Make your space much organised by choosing the right home décor products such as an elegant piece of magazine rack, a key box, a wooden tub planter…..the list goes on. The Utilitarian home décor trend has taken such a foothold perhaps not only because the style is appealing but because most of the pieces focus on functionality as well. Products  that serve a useful purpose and help make the most of a space rank high on a homeowner’s list.

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