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The Exotic Non-Stop Festive Celebration of Gran Canaria

The arrival of the Spring marks the commencement of festivals across the of Gran Canaria. Segregated into 21 municipalities encircling towns, villages, and scores of houses give you a millions of reasons to celebrate, once you know that the climate will not spoil your fun. Festivals and celebrations have an important part in the culture of this small location.The sound of rocket screeching in the sky explains that somewhere someone is having a splendid time. All you need to do is purchase a straw hat from a stall and head towards the nearest town. You surely don’t need an excuse to join, just let your hair down. One can spend their complete summer with street dancing and music in Gran Canaria.

Religious Celebrations:

Religious celebrations offer an important festive offering for the people of Gran Canaria. With  the plethora of saints day celebrated in the Canarian calendar, there are many virgins and saints who are the subject of the traditional celebrations.

Virgen del Pino

A crucial festival from a sacred point of view is the Virgen del Pin, conducted on the 8th of September, every year. Setting up of conventional balconies, monkey puzzles and decorative laurels, hundreds of pilgrims offer myriads of items at the image’s feet! Flanked by Canarian followers in traditional Canarian outfits, wagons of carts are brought as offering. Thousands of devotees commence their night walk from important points at Gran Canaria to keep promises, inculcate purity and simple joy. With the ray of sun, people start the celebrations with sports tournaments, musical concerts, open-air film fiestas and sun dances.

Other Celebrations:

Nothing is as entertaining as a muddy festive celebration, somewhat like the Lomo Magullo festival. It is very amusing to watch more than half of the city’s population throwing water in buckets on one another!

The most renowned out of all is La Rama festival. During this fiesta, a big carnival of people adorning big branches walk on the hills at night towards the sea to the tune of jolly and lively musical bands

El Charco

Renowned in San Nicolas, the festival can be attributed to the pre-Hispanic time period. Every year, on 11th of September, right after the sound of “Now” with the rocket firing, hundreds of Canarians carrying baskets plunge into a big pond to catch the spiny loach fish bare handed. It is surely quite amazing to witness people catching fishes.

Where to Stay

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Author’s Bio: Jack loves to explore the culture and festivals of different destinations of the world. During his trip to Gran Canaria, he stayed at the Mogan apartments to explore the city and its culture.

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