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Five great British walks

I’ve loved walking since an early age and it’s something that I’ve always enjoyed. Ever since I can remember my dad has encouraged me to explore the great outdoors and even to this day I have taken in some of the best views and environments the UK has to offer. It is our lifelong dream to travel world and discover the qualities of some of the globe’s most exotic walks but for now we just take it one step at a time and explore as much of Britain as possible. Some of the best walks that I have experienced up to now include:

The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way combines some exquisite scenery and notable landscapes that takes you through some of the most isolated country in the UK. Starting from the top of Kinder Scout, through the Southern Pennines and the limestone country of the Yorkshire Dales and then right up through to the Scottish boarder, it is a trail that every long distance walker in the UK has to undergo at one stage in their lives. It is a challenging, yet exhilarating course and definitely not one for the faint-hearted, but something that I would easily recommend.

Scafell Pike

Standing proudly at 978m, Scafell Pike has the title of being the highest mountain in England and it can boast some of the most amazing scenery around. This isn’t a walk for anyone looking to start out, but rather a challenging and exhausting trek that requires a lot of patience and determination, not to mention an experienced mind. If however you feel up to the challenge, then Scafell Pike is a walk that I would highly recommend and one that will fill you with a sense of pride.

Tennyson Trail

The Isle of Wight is easily one of the UK’s most iconic destinations as it boasts picturesque views and diverse scenery, while the Tennyson Trail allows you to explore all the beauty that this island has to offer. At around 14 miles long, it is not something that you could do in a few short hours, so expect to set aside your day and prepare to take in some remarkable views as you are experiencing first hand one of the destinations that makes Britain great.

Edale Skyline

The Peak District is home to some of the most fantastic sceneries and the Edale Skyline is easily one of the most popular destinations, thanks to the beautiful greenery of the countryside and some exquisite landscapes. At the peak, the views down into the Edale Valley are truly breath-taking as some of the rock formations are definitely worth a picture or two!

Cape Wrath Trail

Descending from the Northern coastline of Scotland and down through the West coast, this is a walk that truly depicts the natural beauty of Scotland as you take in the diverse countryside and lavish coasts.

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