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Five Things That You Should Do When Changing Your Address

towingMoving from one residence to another means that you have to deal with a lot of hassle. There are several things that you need to do and take care of before and during the move. Even though this can be a very stressful experience, yet a change in address doesn’t necessarily have to be a significantly unpleasant event. With thorough preplanning, you will be able to avoid a number of potential problems later. This article discusses five important things that you should do when changing your address. Just follow these simple tips in order to make sure that your moving experience is not a frustrating one.


  • Apply to the post office for a change of address. This is important in order to avoid losing any important mail during the transition. Provide all the relevant information to the post office. Don’t only include your name but include the names of your family members as well with the new mailing address to make sure that no one’s mail gets lost.


Also inform your milkman, the newspaper delivery person, etc. about your change of address. Cancel all current subscriptions to the old address and renew subscriptions once you have moved into the new place.


Inform the bank or credit cards about your change in billing address. This can be done as soon as possible after the move. A few banks also provide an effective date for the new address; you can provide them with the new address before the move.


  • Cut out all utilities of the current home; electricity, Internet, landline, gas and water. If you leave any utility on then you will obviously have to pay for it.


Make sure that the utilities in your new home are on and working when you arrive. You would not want to move your family into a new home that doesn’t have the water running. If you are moving in a new place that is located near the older one, check to see if the utility services are available there. If so, then you can place a move order and transferthe services to the new location. Otherwise, you can place orders for new services in your new home.

  •  Once you have moved, your permanent address changes, and by law, you are required to change the address on your driver’s license and your ID card. When you have moved into a new place, apply for a new ID card and look for local driving license offices. Get an appointment to change your address on the driving license. For this purpose, you may need to bring proof of your change of address.
  • Make sure that your new house is clean before you move. Take care of pests if there are any. Otherwise take some measures that will prevent possible infestations. Look around the window sills to see if there are any signs of ants, check for trails of cockroaches and look for bedbugs in the carpets. Since the house is empty, it will be easier to investigate the place and deal with the problem. Also, the pests will have fewer places behind which they can hide. This is the best time to identify and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.
  •  As a security measure, ensure that you change all the locks immediately after you have moved. This gives you complete control over who can enter into your home. A lot of people may not think of doing this, though it is seemingly pretty obvious. The previous home owners may have given spare keys to their housekeepers, dog sitters, friends, etc. Some of them may even still have the spare keys. So in order to make sure you are completely safe, it is best to change the locks soon after you have moved into the new place.

These are the five most important things that you should take care of in the event of a move. If you follow these tips, your move may become infinitely easier. Obviously you don’t only have to worry about packing and leaving, you also need to think about the place you are moving in to. So carefully plan all of these activities, let your family and friends help alleviate some of the work load and make this move a pleasant experience for you.

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R. E. Martin, an avid blogger, having changed addresses several times, decided to write this article to help nervous movers. He also recommends that you hire Wilson’s Towing service in case you want any towing services.

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