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Five Ways DVD Duplication Helps Your Business

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As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to decrease costs and increase the bottom line. In today’s economic times, it’s more important than ever to cut costs where you can. While there are things in your business that are too expensive to rearrange or revamp, there are things that can be done quickly and easily. One of those things is DVD duplication. Here are five ways that using duplicated DVDs can help your business.


You don’t have time to put all of your efforts into finding the best employees. Fielding inquiries often means answering the same questions over and over. Instead of taking phone calls, advise interested parties to stop by and pick up information contained on a DVD. Put any information that you would normally give potential employees onto a disc, have copies burned, and hand them out at job fairs and individually to anyone who comes knocking on your door.


Whether you are looking to raise funds through investors or donors, it’s important that you provide the right information. Make a DVD that contains your company’s history, a bit of information about its founders, and a lot of information about your mission and goals. Include photos of past events, the good that you have done with funds raised in the past, or even the new products that you have created thanks to monies that investors have given. Be sure to include information about how the money that you raise will be put to use.


Save a few trees and burn copies of your policies and procedures to a DVD. Make copies of the DVD and hand one to each new employee. Your new employees will have something to reference when they have a question, and your established employees will have something to look at when they need a reminder. DVDs are a perfect way to ensure that each employee is on the same page when it comes to your expectations.

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Spending time searching for forms or taking up space with binders is wasteful. If your company must rely on paper forms, copy each to a DVD, make copies of the discs, and hand one to each employee that you deem necessary. When your employee needs a specific form, he can print it from his disc. Keeping your forms on a disc ensures that they are always at hand, you aren’t wasting paper, and that your employees have access to what they need at all times.

5.Trade Shows

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know that attendees do not want to carry heavy packets, nor do they want to be left trying to remember what they learned at your booth. Make copies of DVDs that highlight the products or services that your company offers and hand them to any interested parties. Your potential customers and associates can browse through your DVD at their leisure. Make sure that you include contact information so that anyone who wants to can get a hold of you should the need arise.

Duplicated DVDs make sound business sense. You can use DVDs for virtually anything that you would normally use paper copies for. DVDs are better for the environment, hold hundreds of pages of information, and keep your office organized.

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