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Garden Design: Planning Ideas, Plant Care & Gardening Tips

Gardening and horticulture is an art as well as science that are mastered by a few who have, indeed, ‘green fingers’ for it. Yet, many can and necessarily will have to acquire (as the demand for appealing landscapes increases) pretty home gardens and productive vegetable plots are on the increase. Planting, tending, dressing, preserving, yielding etc. are all that’s looked into. Laborious it sounds but a rewarding exercise in the end. Seasonal crops is a household term in agriculture but now seasonal flowers and blooms too have attained the attention and in cat as a large commercial enterprise.  Flower garden that blooms all season long, a wedding garden, and other innovative ideas are in the fray from continent to continent. So it needs distinct planning from variety to variety.

Firstly, the gardener decides in his/ her mind as to what purpose the garden is for, be it  a flower plant plot or vegetable crop, since though both have fundamental botanical techniques such as the soil, tilling, watering etc., the needed temperature, moisture, sun and shade as well as the fertilizer plus the predator/ pest factors vary.

Secondly, and  which mostly has to do with  seasonal climatic changes, the gardeners should be aware at least by hearsay, of the appropriate crop or plants for each climatic conditions. One conventional wisdom is effective: flowers attract bees, butterflies and other nectar sucking insects and even birds which carry pollens as they flutter from plant to plant and that will promote pollination even among the vegetable kind. So, try and mix crops with safe spaces within them.

Thirdly, the physical setting such as the space between each plant is very important especially in integrated planting. This applies mostly in vegetable cultivation for it’s a known fact that different plants consume different proportions of minerals from the soils and there are other effects that would hamper the growth oh of the plants in tandem even at the root level. In this case timing of planting too is critical. Agronomists educate us on how the times of growth stages affect other species close by. It would be advisable to get expertise from established plant and seed shops. With the availability of write-ups in periodicals and TV documentaries, modern households have ample knowledge at their doorstep.

Next, comes the choice of taste. It is now common knowledge that summer flower garden develops in waves, reaching a crescendo of bloom, but depends on chronological succession. Hence planning a flower bed in summer particularly nature has orchestrated a pattern for us to plan ahead for summer-long bloom. Colour, beauty, fragrance, shapes of the foliage, thickness etc. are all that can be perceived even before organizing the garden provided the ideal clime and adequate tilling is done. For an aesthetic appearance, midsummer bloomers should not be all planted in the same plot but distributed so that the visitors will be entertained with a hue of colour variety set in a well trimmed lawn or landscaped to suit the plants. Hedges of right kind of shrub(s), well pruned, are important as the enclosure should be projecting the owner’s personality, sociability and general propriety. Within also will say something to the visitor.

Container flower gardening is an alternative to instantly introduce color, fragrance, and beauty when outdoor space is limited. They can be mounted even on a deck, patio, porch, or balcony. However indoor varieties termed as shady plants does have certain exceptions. The containers themselves need to be safe and lovely to look at. Some shady plants emit toxic fumes at night and so care has to be given in choosing such although they look attractive.

Finally, keep abreast of international plant auctions and exhibition which are mostly held in Holland, where plants from nurseries around the world that are carefully and scientifically tended are showcased prior to the required seasons. You will have a great variety of choice and seasonal planning is a lot easier without much effort on your part in nurturing the right variety in accordance with the soil and climate.

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