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Get Exclusive Transcript Service from Transcription 2000 Services

Transcription 2000 Services is one of the reliable company that deals with all sorts of transcription, you can get the exclusive packages and deals on the discounted price. It is the brand of trust that is catering since past five years. You can get the exclusive bundle deals for transcribing the files, audio or video. It is always beneficial to get the transcription done for the future sake as it saves the files in the documented form for the future references. You can get the transcript service of all sorts like:



You can get the academic files transcribed. If you have recorded the lectures during the classes, you can get the black and white hard copies to get the notes. You can use the notes for the preparation of the examinations or even to present the final thesis. Transcribing an audio file is beneficial for the students as they are able to keep the notes for the future sake. You can prepare for the exams to get the best grades from the notes. You can even share the notes among your fellows. The audio files are not easy to transfer due to the heavy mega bytes or you have chances of getting the devices out of order hence it is better not to take risk and get the audio file transcribed.


You can get the media files transcribed in any of the language you want to have. You can get the transcription done of the movies, plays and even he songs from one language to another. You can earn loads of profits in this way as the non natives will be able to understand the script and they will watch the movie. You can get the exclusive transcript service from this company.


You can get the financial transcribed easily. This helps to convert the profits in the currency you require. More over you can get the audio files transcribed for instance, if your firm is having the discussion over the financials like income statement and balance sheet you can record the meetings and later you can get the black and white document. This company offers transcription service in any file of your choice like pdf, word or html.  You can keep the check on the resources too.

General business:

You can get the general business meetings transcribed. This will help you to keep the record and there are far less chances of anyone destroying the records. It is also beneficial in the way if one resource leaves the firm the other resource will have background knowledge about the work.

Law enforcement:

Transcription of the files whether audio or video or another format is best to be done in the case if the law where there is a lawful act has to be done. You can get the cases prepared and have the evidences documented.

There are lot more transcript service this firm offers for details you can visit the official website

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