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Give Your Bathroom Warmth this Winter

During those chilly winter months it can feel difficult to generate heat without leaving the central heating system on for hours. Whilst keeping your body and your home well insulated is a given during winter, there are ways you can trick your mind into feeling warmer too. Let’s take the bathroom for instance, not the first room people tend to think of renovating, but in reality we probably spend as much time in the bathroom as we would relaxing in the bedroom. So thinking about adding extra warmth to this room is essential, especially during the cold snap.

There is nothing more off putting first thing in the morning than a bathroom that looks and feels bitterly cold when there is a nice warm bed waiting in the next room – but fear not, with these simple and affordable renovation tips, it is possible to make your bathroom space much more inviting for you and your entire family…


You may not instantly think colour has an effect on how warm a bathroom can feel but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s astonishing just how much you can imitate that feeling of summer by introducing a lick of sunshine-yellow paint onto the walls. You don’t even have to choose an eccentric-bright colour, pastel shades can work just as well if you prefer your primary colours to be toned down a tad. Earthy hues like muted greys, sage greens and lighter browns are also effective as they are often seen in the spring/summer interior trends catalogues.

Accessories & Lighting

Accessories are actually a really fast and cost effective means to be able to update your bathroom in no time at all. If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can add to your existing bathroom set up, look no further than specialist home ware retailers such as Linens Direct, British Home Stores and Zara Home who all stock plenty of stylish offerings to help you to accessorize to your liking. Create a relaxing mood of Zen for yourself after a busy day at the office or a strenuous gym workout by lighting some fragrant candles and turning on the spotlights. If you don’t have spotlights already installed in your bathroom you can buy self-adhesive button spotlights on the cheap which will create the same ambient effect.


If you were under the impression that the only heat you could have in a bathroom was from a radiator or the steam from a hot shower you thought wrong! There is a whole variety of heating options available out there, from having heated flooring installed, to heat lamps and heated towel racks which are perfect after a long shower. Be aware that having heated flooring can be expensive so do keep in mind a realistic budget for your winter bathroom renovation and choose your contractor carefully as well.

Plants and Furnishings

Nothing makes us feel cosier than having a snuggly mat to step onto after a bath or shower, correct? So if you have tiled floors, buying a rug that is thick and absorbent will allow your tootsies to heat up straight away instead of having to brave the cold tiles. Plants are also another great idea if you are a fan of the outdoors – try filling up your favourite flower vase with some fresh water and red roses for a warm and welcoming experience. Cactuses and potted plants last for a long time with regular watering, light and general maintenance, so if having a mini cactus in the bathroom reminds you of that scorching holiday in Australia, it’s a good idea to have things that will create the illusion of those warmer climates.

Following these simple bathroom improvement tips will not only see you through the winter, but will also help you to think of this space in a completely different light!

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