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Household Maintenance by professionals

Time is Money and family is spending quality time with your loved ones. Which one would you prefer, spending more time or money. In the context of today’s highly competitive job industry and business, families hardly spend quality time together. While Mom is busy beautifying home and dad believes in making up for the future financial requirements.

Major reasons why most of the people are not able to spend quality time together after having sufficient bank balance is because of these reasons.

  • Kids school College exams
  • Old parents Responsibly
  • Over burden of Loans
  • Household maintenance
  • Others( Never ending List)

Forget about vacations, even Sundays are awfully hectic and families land up enjoying most is a movie or shopping. For all of the reasons discussed above one big reason that spoils your weekend or holiday is the responsibility of household maintenance.

In order to keep up to the living standards, people often sacrifice their good times.Well below is a list small works you do in your weekend,holidays and day to day activities and a one stop solution for them all.

  • Electrical Repair – Replacing faulty electrical connections, fused Bulbs, Switches, Tube Lights, fan Regulators, Fuses, checking electrical appliances faults like Geyser, fan, A/c Point etc. 
  • Carpentry Repair – Mending Door Knobs, hinges, handles, Drawers fills, sliding windows, cupboard / door alignments, Polish Touch up, or mending any existing broken
  • Plumbing Repair – Replacing leaking taps, washers, jet sprays, corks, geyser fittings flush tanks, or drain pipes
  • Volunteer’ on call for small jobs like:  ▪ Parcel pickup/drop ▪ Utility Bill payment ▪ School fees ▪ Insurance premium payment ▪ Purchase of groceries, vegetables, dairy products, books, flowers ▪ Home deliveries for cakes, chocolates, food from restaurants etc.
  • Home Décor: ▪ Interior Decoration ▪ Painting ▪ Masonry
  • Home Cleaning: ▪ Wash n cleaning of window panes ▪ Scrubbing/ polishing floors      ▪ Cleaning sofa upholstery
  • Transport:  ▪ Chauffeur ▪ Lend a Car services ▪ Pickup & drop facility
  • Car Spa: ▪ Car break down ▪ Maintenance ▪ Repair n refurbishing ▪ Car cleaning including interiors and seats (Door Step Service)
  • Tiffin Services: ▪ Daily Tiffin services includes door step delivery lunch, dinner and snacks from a predefined menu posted
  • Computers: ▪ Hardware repair ▪ Maintenance ▪ Upgradation
  • Gardener: ▪ to maintain your private garden / lawn / nursery
  • Electrical Appliances: ▪ A/c Installation ▪ Repair  ▪ Maintenance ▪ Relocation services
  • Hotel / Travel / Entertainment: ▪ Hotel booking ▪ Ticket booking (Air/Rail/Road) ▪ Movie
  • Financial Assistance: ▪ Banking & Financial Planning assistance ▪ Loans in every vertical – Personal / Home loans / Auto loans 
  • Assistance in Bureaucratic work: ▪ Legal Aid▪ Property Search ▪ RTO ▪ Police Verification ▪ Employee Background verification ▪ Passport matters
  • Event management: ▪ Team outdoor activity planning ▪ Party ▪ Wedding ▪ Birthdays etc.
  • Corporate Training services: ▪ Personal coaching ▪ Interpersonal skills
  • Courier Services: ▪ Domestic ▪ National ▪ International
  • Security Services: Private security services

Here is a great and one stop solution for you all which is “Hiring household maintenance professionals.”  

One such company based out of Mumbai/India that I know is My Home Maker. MHM is one of the first companies in the country, under the Home Maintenance Services vertical, to set up a Call Centre for the convenience of its customers. MHM’s hi-tech CRM based call centre is equipped to address upto 700 customer calls per day.

Benefits of My Home Maker membership


  • One stop shop for all your household maintenance needs
  • Professional services at your door step
  • Qualified technicians, courteous and smartly uniformed staff with ID badges
  • Safe and secure services as employee credentials are verified by local police
  • State-of-the-art Call Centre (12×7) for quick response and services as per your convenience
  • Work carried out as per your convenience and completed to your satisfaction
  • Economical membership plans
  • More than 25 services provided that make your life simpler
  • And perhaps most important…a wonderful gift of “TIME” …time to do the things that are more important to YOU!!!

Gift of Time

Through this unique concept of Household Maintenance Services, MHM seeks to provide its customers with the most precious commodity – Time – free time to enjoy a more qualitative life and leave all your mundane household maintenance jobs to the professionals at MHM.


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