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How to choose paint product

How to choose paint out a huge range of product available with reputed paint companies

There are different kinds of paint available in market. So what we understand by paint is  getting the desired shade on the surface. We also know that paint protects the surface. But when we venture out to buy a paint for our home interior or exterior, we see a range of paint products available in markets. So how do we select a paint product for us??

Paying a high price you will get the best product boasting on list of features, but we must also know the features of a paint so as to make a value for money buying. Nonetheless we keep painting our house regularly  so having basic knowledge about paint is no harm

How to choose paint

To start with , we must consider a good brand while buying paint. A company that is abide by environmental laws and years of knowledge with it would be a good choice.

Paint consist of these major component

1. Pigment – Its is the color shade

2. Binder – Which hold the pigment to the surface.(Adhesion or glue)

3. Solvent – Which makes the paint liquid spread and dry evenly. (Generally water or oil)

4. Additives – additional components for features in paint e.g. anti algae, anti fungus, dust free etc.

So when you pay a high price you are basically paying for superior grade of either or all of these 4 components.

Prices of Pigment 

There are many types of pigments – Organic Pigments,Phthalocyanine Pigments,Quinacridone Pigments,Inorganic Pigments,Ultramarine Pigments. But the ones most used in paints we use are  Organic pigment & Inorganic Pigment.

How to choose paint

Inorganic Pigments- These are generally are metallic oxides or synthetics.It can be materials like lead oxide, cobalt blue, chromium oxide, cadmium yellow, molybdate orange, and nickel titanate.

Inorganic Pigments         Refractive Index

  •  TiO2 (rutile)————–2.71
  • TiO2 (Anatase)———–2.55
  • Antimony Oxide———2.20
  • Zinc Oxide—————–2.01
  • Calcium Carbonate—— 1.65
  • Fumed Silica————–1.45

TiO2(rutile) is considered the best inorganic pigment, so when if the paint has a shade which comes from TiO2 pigment the price will go up. Thus price will be low if used fumed silica.


Organic pigments are usually found in nature and categorized into six types :

  • Acid and base dye Pigments
  • Diazo Pigments
  • Monoazo Pigments
  • Phthalocyanine Pigments
  • Other polycyclic Pigments
  • Quinacridone Pigments

Organic pigments are priced higher than inorganic pigments.So paints with organic pigments are costlier.

(Reference taken from

Prices of Binder

Type,quantity and quality of binder used in a paint determine the price.There are many type of binders alkyds, acrylics, vinyl-acrylics, vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), polyurethanes, polyesters, melamine resins, epoxy, or oils. Below are the ones most commonly used in the paint that we use.

How to choose paint

Alkyd resins – used in solvent-based paints. They are basically polyesters and are used for both air-drying and heat-cured paints.

Vinyl and acrylic emulsions -most common use in water-based household paint. So when some say its an acrylic emulsion, its a water based (solvent) paint with acrylic binder in it. 80% of household interior and exterior paints used are (water based) acrylic emulsion.

Helpful reading on this would be types of interior paint for your home and top paint companies in India to choose from.

Type of acrylic used in paint determines the features and price of it. The product differentiation and branding by many paint companies is done by its raw materials such as acrylic. So when you compare 2-3 acrylic emulsion paint and see a big price or feature difference it is because of the type of acrylic used in it.

Types of acrylic –  (Read more on acrylic paint at

Craft acrylics ,Heavy body acrylics,Interactive acrylics,Open acrylics,Fluid acrylics,Iridescent, pearl and interference acrylic colors,Acrylic gouache,Exterior acrylics.

How to choose Paint

If you need tips on when to paint or need a reason to paint here a helpful article reason to paint also check some reading in DIY in paints.


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